West Virginia Penitentiary : June 23rd, 2012

West Virginia Penitentiary (06.23.12) What is there to say about this historic prison that hasn't already been said? The West Virginia Penitentiary is one of the most well known haunted locations in the United States. On 6/23/12 we traveled three hours south to the historic city of Moundsville to confront this monster of a building ,and we had a blast while we were there. The C-Bus Paranormal team paid a visit to Grave Creek Mound and the Palace of Gold as well during our brief stay. The town is full of history ,and some amazing people.

The West Virginia Penitentiary is known as one of the most violent prisons ever constructed. Over 1,000 people died within it's walls ,and one of the largest Indian burial mounds ever created sits rights across the street from it. Several cases of gang violence, murders, suicides, and executions were performed within it's walls. The location has everything from hangings... to the electric chair. It's also known to have been the location of the famous "shadow man" picture. The exact amount of deaths in the location is unknown due to illegal torture methods being performed by the warden/guards in the late 1800's. The bodies were then buried underneath the walls of the prison never to be heard from again. There was also two known riots where guards were also held, killed, and tortured. That being said..... we knew this was going to be a incredibly active location. We immediately headed to the Infirmary/ Psyche ward once the walk through was completed. The activity was pretty strong right from the beginning. Most of the deaths within this prison ended right in this location ,and visitors believe several lost souls still remain trapped in the ward. Several original pieces of medical equipment still remain within the rooms ,and it looked like something straight out of horror movie. It is without a doubt one of the most underrated parts of the prison. After our experiences in the Infirmary we headed to the cell blocks. I immediately started getting flashbacks from our past investigation of the Ohio State Reformatory. It constantly felt like we were being watched as we ascended the floors. On the second level of the new cell block I felt like I was grabbed by a unseen force. Upon further evidence review we obtained E.V.P.'s that sounds like "I grabbed his shirt" and "I'll Kill You" immediately after it happened. We didn't hear these voices at the time it occurred,and we were only able to hear them upon playing back the recorder during evidence review. We then went and visited "Red Snyders" cell. Red's spirit is one of the most well known in the prison. He was convicted for murdering his parents and dismembering their bodies. Red met his end when he was stabbed to death in his cell by a gang of prisoners. The story states that the cell was completely drenched in blood by the end of the massacre. Red's spirit often still interacts with the current guards of the prison. After conducting a e.v.p session we moved to the basement. One of many locations known where black masses and shadows have been reported frequently. A prisoner named Rd Wall has murdered there. He was stabbed to death and decapitated by his fellow inmates. During the e.v.p. session I actually seen a shadow figure myself move out of the room. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me ,but after viewing the surrounding parts of the basement.... I'm fairly confident in what I seen. It had no features and was darker than the area surrounding it. We haven't reviewed the IR evidence yet ,but I'm really hoping we captured it. If anything it was a very strong personal experience for my own beliefs in the paranormal field. It took a few moments for my brain to gather what I just witnessed. We ended the investigation at the Sugar Shack. Personally we didn't feel anything in the room ,but it does have mass reports of shadow figures and audio evidence. It was used as a recreation room. Which often seen its own share of violence. One thing I did notice however was that the room was surrounded by a high EMF field. Pipes near the ceiling were constantly reading high throughout the room. This might be the cause of some of the reports of activity believed to reside in the area. High EMF levels can cause people to hallucinate, feel uneasy, and effect a persons senses rather considerably.

Overall the night was filled with personal experiences ,and I have a feeling this wont be the last time we enter into it's prison walls. Everything from shadow figures, E.V.P.'S, and the constant feeling of dread.... the West Virginia Penitentiary truly lives up to it's name.

C-Bus Paranormal John -----------------------------------------------

Evidence for this case is currently being restored for a future posting.