Waverly Hills Sanatorium : August 21st, 2012

Waverly Hills Sanatorium : (08.21.12) The C-Bus Paranormal team finally had the privilege to investigate one of the most well known haunted locations in the United States. The infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The crew left at 8:00am so that we could check into our hotel on time ,and to get a few hours sleep before one of our biggest investigations yet. We arrived in Louisville Kentucky after making a few stops at around 2:00pm. Once the front desk seen us bringing in the cases of equipment they immediately knew where were heading. After waking up around 6:00pm ,and loading up on Monster Energy Drinks.... we drove to the hidden entrance in front of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. I remember watching all of the brand new ghost hunting shows in High School ,and I always thought it would be interesting to investigate some of the locations that appeared on television. Waverly Hills was always at the top of my list for "bucket list" locations that I would like to visit. I didn't realize at that time.... that I would get my wish nearly a decade later. This was a special investigation for the team ,and we would have the entire building to ourselves.

Waverly Hills is known for being one of the largest tuberculosis hospitals in the country. Several thousands of people would eventually die from the white plague within it's walls. Once the plague was cured the building would eventually be turned into a nursing home called Woodhaven. Rumors would eventually start spiral around the building with individuals coming forward with claims of patient neglect and abuse. Eventually these claims would be part of the reason the building would eventually be forcibly closed.

The years after Woodhaven were pretty much just as tragic as local gangs and cults (?) supposedly started to use the building for their own means. There was even a crime committed where a homeless man and his dog were murdered and thrown into a elevator shaft. One of the past owners also tried to get the building condemned ,but the city wouldn't allow it. He encouraged vandalism of the building ,and also started digging holes around the property to try to cause structural damage. After he failed to destroy the building... he finally sold the property.

Once the building was sold the reports of activity started to come in quite frequently ,and it was featured on about every paranormal tv show that has ever been made. The building has also been used for several movies. Waverly Hills is also well known for the body chute. A massive underground tunnel that was used to store and move bodies from the building quietly so that other patients wouldn't have to see them. There was also a nurse whom hung herself in room 502 after contracting tuberculosis. She was also pregnant at the time according to the legend (further research will need to be done for this claim). A unique shadow figure is also said to roam the halls of Waverly. The creeper is a shadow figure said to crawl on the floor, walls, and ceiling of the building.

There are so many legends known about the building. Some of them are true ,and some of them are over exaggerated. For an example the death count is more like 8,000 to 10,000. Despite reports online of 63,000 to 100,000. There is also no records to back up a story of a women whom reportedly jumped off the side of the building. The reports of activity in the building range from shadow figures, disembodied voices, closing of doors, and the ghost of children rolling plastic balls in the hallways. Most of the ghost shows refer to "Timmy" ... a child spirit that is believed to move balls around in the hallways. We decided not to run the DVR on this investigation due to time restraints ,and we knew it would be a hassle to run the cords everywhere throughout the building. After a brief tour it was time for our investigation.

As for our investigation... There were times that we thought we seen a few shadow figures ,and we also heard some strange sounds. We noticed that the building was designed to take in air. There were virtually no windows ,and outside noises came in quite frequently. There is a airport, city ,and railroad near by that we could hear pretty clearly from time to time. We did have some movement on the plastic balls in the hallways. However we couldn't verify that the wind wasn't causing it. There was wind coming in from all sides of the building. The body chute was amazing ,and the team couldn't believe how long it actually is. We did conduct a franks box session in the tunnel ,and think we caught a few interesting responses. Normally we don't put much faith in the "ghost box" ,and we still consider it highly experimental. However this was one of the rare times where we thought that we might of had something with it.

Overall we loved the building, staff, and the investigation. Waverly Hills Sanatorium is truly a historic landmark ,and I'm proud of the fact that we were able to investigate it. However I really wish that they would improve the amount of hours a group is allowed in the building. After the tour we only had about 6.5 hours to investigate. Honestly I don't think that it's an ideal amount of time to conduct a proper investigation. The location is gigantic ,and its hard to cover everything the way it should be covered. If you have never been to the building we highly recommend it. Even if its only for a day tour. The history alone is worth the trip.

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Inside the investigation : (Note : This video shows the effect of wind coming in from the building ,and the also how unlevel the floors are. We personally dont believe in the Timmy's ball haunting reports ,and were able to replicate what some people claim to witness inside of Waverly Hills. )

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