Tillie Pierce Inn : April 6th, 2013

Tillie Pierce Inn (04.06.13)

On April 6th the team had the privilege of investigating the historic Tillie Pierce House in downtown Gettysburg. The house itself was built in 1830 ,and is the childhood of home of Tillie Pierce. Tillie lived all of her life in Gettysburg ,and was only 15 years old at the time of "Battle Of Gettysburg". She is best known for writing the book "At Gettysburg: What a Girl Saw and Heard of the Battle" which describes her experiences of the war in her own words. Tillie provided water and food to the soldiers and assisted the surgeons and nurses caring for the wounded during the battle. The Tillie Pierce Inn itself was also a field hospital during the battle, and was right in the middle of a fierce war between the Union and Confederate armies.

The Tillie Pierce Inn is now a bed and breakfast ,and its currently managed by Greg Christianson. We arrived at the inn at around 2:00pm ,and immediately started to unpack our equipment. Greg is by far one of the best host that we have had at an investigation ,and the entire team really enjoyed talking to him. He was able to explain most of the hot spots around the location ,and he knew several important pieces of information about the inn's history. We would personally like to thank Greg for the amazing experience we had during our stay.

Our team will review each locations paranormal claims before we do an investigation. The Tillie Pierce has been known for reports of a little girl haunting the residence, and there have also been reports of a ghost cat on the premises. There have also been reports of a loud noise that seems to occur every night at around 3:00am that can be heard through the entire house. The noise is often reported to sound like a gun shot. The Tillie Pierce House has also been known for disembodied voices ,and for having the doors that lead to the rooms lock themselves. Each room has its own guest log ,and it made it easier for our group to pin point certain reports from within the inn.

We started setting up the DVR system through the entire inn ,and focused each camera on the main reports of activity. The Elizabeth Thorn room's past guest had been experiencing the cabinet doors opening by themselves quite frequently. We were able to disprove these reports by walking around on the near by floor boards. Each time the door would gradually start opening by themselves. The Lydia Liester had the similar reports ,and we believe that its a similar situation. The team wasn't able to have access to the attic on this night due to some safety concerns ,but there had been reports of it's door also closing by itself. We could see into the room from the stairwell ,and placed a camera in front of the attic door just in case anything showed itself during the course of our stay. The traffic outside was a little loud during the afternoon ,but it seemed to calm down after we started the investigation at night.

During the night we tried various experiments to see if we could capture any activity. This included playing civil war era music, battlefield sounds ,and even staging a reenactment to see if we could capture anything unusual during our stay. The team also started using Faraday Cage bags on our franksbox to limit any radio signals from coming through the device. The inn remained quiet throughout most of the night. At one point the team was able to hear a cat ,and the reported bangs also seemed to happen at around 1:40am. We had already scattered our recorders in various parts of the home ,and it seemed that the loud bangs had originated from the attic above our base camp. The team is in the final stages of our evidence review ,and we will be posting all of our updates from the Tillie Pierce Inn in the near future. It was an amazing experience to finally investigate this incredible piece of history!

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