Thornhaven Manor : May 18th, 2013

Thornhaven Manor : 05.18.13

There is a historic home buried deep within the woods of New Castle, Indiana.... and if it's not haunted.... it should be. The classic italianate style home known as "Thornhaven Manor" has seen it's share of horrors ,and it was also the site of one of Indiana's most fiendish murder conspiracies. The home is fairly new to investigations ,and it has just recently opened to the paranormal community. We were given the distinct privilege of investigating this foreboding home a few weekends ago ,and we would like to thank the owner Steven for having us out to the location.

We arrived at Thornhaven Manor at around 6:30pm on May 18th ,and rushed to unpack the equipment before the home descended into complete darkness. On this investigation we wouldn't have the luxury of power ,and we knew that this would present several challenges throughout the night. We were able to run a temporary power source for our DVR ,but the rest of the house would have to be covered with handheld camcorders. Steven welcomed us into the home when we arrived ,and he gave us quite a bit of information on the history of the property. He has amassed a collection of newspaper articles and documentation to support the homes history ,and he didn't realize what he had bought at the time of his purchase. If it wasn't for Steven.... the home would have already met it's demise from a wrecking ball. He did however win the bidding war ,and has started what will surely be a long restoration process.

Thornhaven Manor is believed to have been built around the year 1850 ,and was one of the prominent stops for the underground railroad in Indiana. The original property had over 400 acres of land with it. Abolitionist Simon Powell owned the home until 1901 ,and during that time his son was killed in the Civil War. The solders body was found in a mass grave in Georgia ,and then returned home for a proper burial once it was exhumed. In 1906 there was a murder committed on the property... Frank Thurman attempted to kill his father in laws entire family with rat poison... in the process he was successful with only killing Rueben Bailey himself. It was believed that he had placed the rat poison in the families sugar bowl when they were having coffee. Frank was later tried for the murder ,and lived the rest of his days in incarceration. Paranormal shows have claimed the murder was committed in the house.... however local historians state the murder occurred offsite.

We listened to a few first hand experiences from Steven ,and was later joined by local paranormal group "Girls Of The Dark" whom provided us with their past experiences within the home. Most of the reports seemed to focus on footsteps ,and the voice of a little girl that seems to be pretty active upstairs. On some occasions people have also claimed to be touched or grabbed. It's always essential to try to come up with logical explanations for possible paranormal events at each location ,and Thornhaven Manor would be no different. During the beginning of the day we had heard the neighbors dog barking from quite a distance ,and thought that it might be a little girl upstairs. However we were able to tell the difference upon playing back the digital recorder. The sounds of footsteps could be coming from the houses foundation ,or perhaps even some of the local wildlife that have made Thornhaven's walls into their home. There are a few spots in the roof where water is coming in ,and the house has also developed a sinkhole in one of the rooms that falls into the basement. Were not saying that every experience at the home can be explained. However these are just possible explanations for what some people have been experiencing.

The house seemed fairly quiet for us during our stay ,but we did have some interesting "dragging noises" that occurred during the end of the night. The noises appear to be stemming from a foundation issue. We were concerned when debree started falling from the fireplace after one of the larger sliding sounds happened before we left. In conclusion... the dragging noise weren't paranormal in nature. Oddly enough a well know TV show on the Travel Channel also reported these noises as well ... but didn't look for any sort of logical explanation. Our team has been involved with this field long enough to know that paranormal events don't happen on command ,and you can rarely tell a locations "personality" in one visit. Steven deserves massive props for the project that he has undertaken ,and we wish him the best of luck on the restoration. The home needs to be saved for history sake ,and it seems to be in good hands. Thornhaven in many ways is Indiana's heir apparent of Ohio's own "Prospect Place" ,and hopefully in time it will also gain a similar following. C-Bus Paranormal John ------------------------------------------------------------- Inside the investigation :


Evidence : Audio evidence can be heard in our book "Ghostly Encounters : Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator".