The Villisca Axe Murder House : September 15th, 2013

The Villisca Axe Murder House : 09.15.13 The C-Bus Paranormal team had one day off in between investigations during our trip to Iowa and for the most part ... we spent the day sleeping. However we were able to escape from our hotel briefly to go to the local Outback Steakhouse to enjoy some Cedar Rapid's steak and beer ,and then find our way back in time for some "Lost In Space" episodes. Oddly enough our waiter was also from Ohio ,and gave us a few more locations in the area that are believed to have activity. Needless to say we were exhausted and incredibly tired from the nine hour drive ,and investigation of Edinburgh Manor the night before.... however we had one more stop on this journey ,and it was another 3.5 hour drive West.

We woke up in the early morning hours of September 15th ,and dealt with incredibly stingy hotel breakfast before heading out on our journey. The landscapes within Iowa are truly an amazing sight ,and it seemed like we were literally venturing into the middle of nowhere. The Villisca Axe Murder House was a location that I had always wanted to visit ,and I had read up about the building & it's related crime scene for nearly a decade. I knew the town of Villisca was small ,but we didn't really know how small it was until we arrived. The towns Diner had closed earlier in the afternoon and we were directed to their deli for the best food in town. Needless to say it was a really enjoyable experience ,and the food was really good... It just seemed like we stepped back in time. We then drove to the local cemetery were the Moore family had been laid to rest over 100 years ago to start looking ahead to the nights investigation ,and to also pay our respects to the fallen family.

In the weeks leading up to the investigation I had posted several pieces of information about the Villisca Axe Murders. There were multiple suspects in the crime ,and it was never solved. The Moore family and two neighbor children met a tragic end in the year of 1912 when a person entered into their home and bludgeoned the family to death with an axe. There are several theories on what might have happened that night ,and it's disturbing how grizzly the crime actually was. However a lot of these theories are just based on speculation ,and several pieces of court records from the time period have vanished or was "lost" over the years. The main suspects were Reverend George Kelly who was known to have made two separate confessions that were later acquitted under duress, Frank Jones a past business partner of Josiah Moore & Iowa senator, and Jospeh Mansfield who many believe was Franks hit man in the crime. However none of them were ever convicted for the crime.

Our guide gave us an extensive background on the murders ,and we were able to bounce several theories that we had off of her with facts and known possible motives. The haunting of the house itself is known for several evps believed to be the Moore children, objects moving, shadows figures, and there have also been claims of a malevolent spirit that is possibly the murderer himself. We took in all of the information that we could ,and then started our set up process. The house is incredibly tiny and its hard to believe that 8 people were living / murdered within such a small space. We knew going into this that several of the haunting stories passed on would be "legend" based instead of what has been reported from other investigators. The entire town has had over 100 years to speculate on what happened during that fateful night on June 10th, 1912 ,and the only way for us to know if this place was active.... would be to see it for ourselves. In my opinion there were many questionable photographs being passed around from thrill seekers and investigators alike of the home. However there is also a certain aura that the building imposes ,and you can tell it seems to be hiding several secrets within its walls.

During the course of the night it was actually pretty quiet. There was a lot more outside traffic than I would have expected ,and the noise outside didn't die down until around 8:00pm. We spent several hours recording audio and video within the home ,and only had a few moments where we believed something might be in the house with us. Little did we know at the time..... we did capture some rather sad and strange audio... including an Evp of what sounds like a child saying "he (or they) killed us all". We did attempt a few different things to try to bring some energy into the house including reading Reverend Kelly's confession on the second level of the house ,but for the most part it was a pretty quiet night. We went to sleep in the early morning hours ,and then packed up for the twelve hour trip back home.

The events that happened within the Villisca Axe Murder House will never be forgotten ,and more than likely the crime will never be solved. However it is a dark piece of history that I believe still deserves attention. Make sure to stop out and visit the home if you're ever near Villisca.

C-Bus Paranormal John (UPDATE : A book has been released after our investigation. It's entitled "The Man From The Train" written by Bill James (yes...the baseball guy) and his daughter Rachel McCarthy James. They provide extremely detailed information on the Villisca case ,and also speculate on whom the killer may have been. I highly suggest giving it a read. ) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside the investigation :


Evidence : Read about our experiences and hear audio evidence from this case in our book "Ghostly Encounters : Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator".