The Ridges / Moonville Tunnel : July 2nd, 2014

Moonville Tunnel (07.02.14)

The team decided that our July investigation needed to be a remote location in the middle of nowhere and yet still close to home. It would be a nice change of pace after the previous months grueling double investigation schedule across multiple state lines. This time we set out for Athens, Ohio in the early morning hours on July 2nd to investigate three locations that are located very close to each other. The Athens Lunatic Asylum cemeteries (aka The Ridges), the Moonville Tunnel ,and our final destination the Moonville Cemetery. This trip was a bit different from our normal locations ,and we were prepared to deal with several obstacles along the way. Each location comes with several "legends" that we we're interested in looking at from a skeptical view. Oddly enough the teams most valuable tool on this investigation would be two cans of bug spray.

Our first stop would be at the Ridges lunatic asylum. The main structure itself has been off limits to the paranormal community for several year now ,and it looks to remain that way for the foreseeable future. This of course has lead to several legends and superstitions about the buildings history and past from the local community. Unfortunately this has also led to vandalism and break ins throughout the property. Recently the tuberculosis ward was demolished due to it's safety concerns with trespassers.

The asylum once held thousands of patients while it was in operation ,and several patients would perish within it's walls. The building itself is surrounded by three public access graveyards which have now become "nature trails" for the local community. The cemeteries have several unknown occupants ,and most of the headstones are simply marked with a number. However it was refreshing to see that some families have since paid for tombstones for their deceased loved ones that perished at the asylum. We decided to run audio/video throughout our trips of the graveyard in hopes to document some form of paranormal activity in the area. Locals residents have claimed to see shadow figures in the area ,and they seem to believe that lost souls still roam the grounds of the old sanatorium. Hopefully someday this location will change its outlook toward the paranormal community ,but we were honored to finally see it in person. it's a beautiful location with a very tragic past. After spending some "alone" time in the cemeteries we decided to get back in the car ,and head to our next location.... the Moonville Tunnel.

Ghostly reports and legends have been reported about the Moonville Tunnel in newspapers since the late 1800's. These newspaper clippings have always intrigued paranormal investigation teams ,and we wanted to take a closer look at the tunnels claims of paranormal activity. The most common claim is of people witnessing a "ghost light" that looks like a lantern held by an old railroad worker. Many feel it's the light from a brakesman that was tragically killed in the area shortly before the sightings began. The tunnel also used to be conjoined with the small town of Moonville which no longer exist. There are also related legends and claims of some of the townspeople being hit by the trains that normally ran through the area. Prior to the trip and after we scoured the internet in attempt to see what some of the tunnels visitors are seeing and witnessing at the location. For several years we have heard how secluded the Moonville Tunnel is in the deep Zaleski State Forest ,and those statements couldn't be anymore true. Investigation teams have came to this remote location for years now attempting to experience paranormal activity with the spirits of the tunnel ,and now it was our turn to attempt to communicate. The forest itself is massive and dangerous. We literally drove on a single lane gravel driveway up several steep mountain slopes for nearly 8 miles before finding a pull off. The team then had to hike over a creek and trudge through thick forest to finally get to the fabled Moonville Tunnel. Sadly we had a good idea where it was by following the trails of graffiti to the tunnel itself. There is nothing more irritating to a paranormal investigator/ history buff than seeing years vandalism to a piece of history ,and this location was no exception. The tunnel itself was an amazing sight to see ,and it was actually much bigger than we expected. We were able to run a few hours of uninterrupted audio/ video during our time at the tunnel ,and it was clear that we had picked a good day to come out to investigate. Anyone can investigate the Moonville Tunnel.... just be mindful of the parks rules and hours of operation. The rules are in place for your protection and safety.

Moonville Cemetery is located directly across from the tunnel ,and up an even more treacherous road way. You might want to just hike to it if you have a low riding car. As soon as you reach the top of the mountain you will come across a small plot of graves. These are the graves of the last descendants of Moonville ,and it has also seen it's fair share of vandalism and age. There were about 10 marked graves ,but we obviously had to wonder how many people we're actually buried out on this mountain in the middle of nowhere. We once again would run some audio/video ,and paid our respects for those that have been buried at the location. This trip was a wonderful experience ,and was by far our most secluded location to date. Overall we didn't get any feelings of dread ,and we didn't see the railroad workers light. However we did leave with a great appreciation for what these individuals sacrificed ,and the history that is still being preserved at all three locations. At the start of the Tunnel investigation we thought we heard footsteps near the tunnel entrance ,but we had to throw it out due to it being inconclusive. Being outside at a location in the middle of nowhere can play its tricks on you (esp. acoustically) ,and we attributed it to the rainy conditions of the night before. The wind was picking up and several trees and branches were audibly making several rustling sounds near us. After reviewing several pictures and videos online we're beginning to believe most of the locations documented sighting have logical explanations. Online we heard evp's such as "who's in the tunnel" which were more than likely other hikers in the area talking among themselves ,and we would also review several photos with light anomaly's claiming to be the fabled light. After being at the location and seeing water collecting at the end of the tunnel..... as well as broken bottles reflecting in the tunnel itself we believe that most of the photos posted online are simply light reflections with the flash bouncing off other objects. The water itself was also reflecting into the tunnel ,and even played tricks on our equipment during the day. Not to mention investigators at night might be confusing the fabled ghost light for car headlights coming down the narrow winding driving path. We do believe the location is possibly active. Especially with it's long storied history of sightings. However we believe more solid evidence needs to be presented overtime to have a deeper look into the activity. C-Bus Paranormal John --------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside the investigation:

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Evidence : No evidence found.