The Old Stagecoach Inn : September 13th, 2014


On September 13th, 2014 the C-Bus Paranormal team had a unique opportunity to investigate a brand new location in the paranormal community. "The Old Stagecoach Inn" in Palmyra, Ohio. Our team had the distinct privilege of being only the 2nd paranormal investigation group to investigate the building ,and the first team to investigate the building since it had been opened to the public. The location itself was built in 1832 ,and had been used for various functions during it's existence. It's been said that the building was used to help run away slaves on the Underground Railroad ,and had also seen guest such as Abraham Lincoln and Buffalo Bill in the buildings early years. During it's years of operation the building was also used as a hotel ,and a meeting quarters for the secret society group known as the "Knight Of Pythias".

It's always a challenge going into a unfamiliar location ,and especially a location where there haven't been established patterns of activity. However we were looking forward to the challenge. Going into this investigation we would have investigators Andrew Aycock, Christopher Oles (Ohio Lost Souls Paranormal), Cy Baber (Ohio Lost Souls Sidney) ,and myself. The team on this night would be a unique pairing as every team member has had extensive experience with the paranormal on various levels and with various investigation groups. This would only be the second time that our groups had merged together for an investigation ,and it surely wont be the last time. C-Bus Paranormal has worked with a few teams over the course of our existence (some good and some bad) ,and I must say that I've been very impressed with both investigators work ethic.

We arrived at the Old Stage Coach Inn around 7:00pm ,and was immediately amazed by the beauty of the crumbling structure. The building is truly unique and it seems to be lost in time. Still standing tall and unfazed by it's more current surroundings. There is a historical plaque stands outside of the building ,and facing a near by intersection. It's a double sided plaque that tells the story of the Inn during it's more distinct time periods. The inside of the Old Stagecoach Inn is another sight to behold. Part of the building has fallen in ,and the section that used to be the saloon is no longer available to the public due to this. However all of the other floors and basement are available to investigate. The inside of the structure is still amazing despite its current stability flaw. It's truly a hidden gem within the community.

The team had a few challenges to start the night. Our DVR started developing technical issues ,and Andrew seemed to have came down with a stomach virus during the afternoon. Unfortunately both instances caused issues during part of the investigation. Andrew was basically out of commission ,and the DVR was only able to record about half of the investigation. The remaining team members still pushed on with the investigation ,and hit it as hard as we could. We would have a bit of a challenge with the audio on this case as the structure is located near a busy intersection ,but it was still surprisingly quiet on the inside of the building. We also captured a few strange photos on the outside of the location. The windows seem to reflect a lot of images that can play with your imagination a bit. In the paranormal field we call this pareidolia or matrixing. We had to rule the photos out as inconclusive. Christopher Oles electrician background also helped locate the source of various sporadic emf hits on the third floor of the structure which could lead to false positives on K2 / Mel Meter devices.

Overall the Old Stagecoach Inn is an amazing building ,and it was an honor to investigate this remarkable piece of history. After reviewing each investigators audio and video we we're unable to find any evidence for the night in question. As we have stated before... paranormal activity doesn't happen on command ,and it's still very possible that there is activity at the Inn. I think I speak for all of our investigators when I say that we'd like to come back and give the location another attempt in the future. We will be keeping an eye out for evidence coming out of the location in the upcoming months.

C-Bus Paranormal John

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Evidence : No evidence found.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Conclusion : Inconclusive The teams were unable to obtain any evidence of a haunting on this night. However the location is extremely new to the paranormal community. Considering the age of the structure .... and it's history... I wouldn't rule off this location being possibly active. More time and research will need to be conducted on the building before we can make our own determination. The photos i mentioned above were ruled out as inconclusive evidence wise. An individual pointed out that they thought there was a face in the window of one of our photos outside of the location. However we feel that is likely pareidolia. It's a form of apophenia, which is a more general term for the human tendency to seek patterns in random information or materials. All three investigation teams came to the determination that this didn't appear to be paranormal in nature.