The Ohio State Reformatory : August 14th, 2011

OHIO STATE REFORMATORY : (08.14.11) C-Bus Paranormal would unofficially have our first investigation on August 14th, 2011. The team on this night would consist of Ryan Baumgartner and myself (Johnathon Robson). We would be entering the building during the day time hours to film for our local music web show "Disturbing The Peace". However we would also be staying after we filmed our segments to conduct our own investigation of the buildings claims of paranormal activity. We would both came into this investigation with a skeptical view ,and we honestly didn't expect to capture anything that we couldn't disprove at the historic prison. Little did we know by the end of the night our views would change completely on the building.

When you enter into the old prison ... you immediately get the feeling that your being watched. The building itself is an amazing structure in it's own right ,and is known for having the largest free standing cell block in the world. There were a few times during the night where we thought we had seen shadows moving. There were also a few moments where we believe we had heard a disembodied voice. The overall experience was unbelievable ,and we felt that we had been involved with a few interesting experiences by the time we left. For the next few weeks I would review our audio / video to see what we had captured that night ,and by the end of it I was completely speechless.

During the evidence review I had noticed several moment during the night that we had heard and felt... that were completely backed up on footage and audio. Upon reviewing the audio we discovered that a possible entity had followed us for nearly an hour. It would follow us out of solitary confinement ,and up several levels of one of the cell blocks. The common theme from the audio seemed that it was asking for "help". After hearing and watching the creepy recordings I continued to look further into the evidence. There were times it called out to us by our names ,and times where we had intelligent responses to our questions. As a skeptic just starting in the field.... I really didn't know what to think. However I knew this wouldn't be my last investigation.

By the time evidence review was completed. We had a large amount of evp's from the "Wardens Office", "Solitary", and the "West Cell Block". We then reviewed our video evidence ,and realized that we had captured an interesting movement in the Wardens Office as well. I say for certain the video is paranormal in nature ,or a possible light refraction from our camcorder light. However it was certainly interesting. Ten seconds before we caught the odd video clip there was a very loud e.v.p.. stating "leave now" . There were also a few other strange occurrences during the night. The overall experience was more than I could have ever hoped for ,and it sparked my paranormal interested even further. Why are there spirits trapped here? Is there really life after death? Why cant they move on? There are so many unanswered questions that nobody has the answer to and that I'd like to know.

C-Bus Paranormal John -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidence for this case is currently being restored.