The Historic Bears Mill : July 5th, 2013

The Historic Bears Mill : 07.05.13

On July 5th, 2013 the C-Bus Paranormal team went to Greenville, Ohio to investigate the truly historic "Bears Mill". The mill itself was built in 1849 by Gabriel Baer ,and it's one of the last water powered mills still in operation. The building was placed onto the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. The millrace attached to the mill was dug by school children for .50 a day ,and the building has become a treasure for the local community. It was truly an honor to be one of the first teams to investigate the building ,and we would like to thank the "friends of the Bears Mill" and to "D.I.G. Paranormal" for giving us the opportunity to visit this historic landmark.

The Bears Mill is truly an amazing location ,and the team started checking out the nearby wilderness as soon as we arrived. Everything about the building and it's surrounding land is completely beautiful ,and that isn't a word we would normally describe most of our locations. The building is often used to display local art ,and they also have their own store at the bottom floor. Footsteps are the most commonly reported activity in the building ,and there have been shadow figures reported on occasion. One of the past owners died on the property ,and there is believed to be injuries that occurred to workers using the mills complex machinery. On this investigation we would have Jeffery Cole, Andrew Aycock, Doug Stamper ,and myself. This would be Doug's first case with us ,and he was shown the ropes on how to use some of the equipment as well as running DVR cable.

Personally I had read about the mill in several books long before I seen that they were opening for investigations. This buildings local haunt lore has been around for several years ,and there have been quite a few reports of activity within the building. The investigation itself was honestly kind of quiet on personal experiences ,and it was rather humid. However you'll never know what type of evidence you'll capture until it's reviewed. We investigated the mill itself and even the dam outback for several hours. This time the audio and video review didn't provide us with any evidence ,but it didn't make this trip any less enjoyable.

Overall we highly recommend visiting the Bears Mill if you're able to either for a ghost hunt or just to visit. This a great piece of history ,and it's one of the most amazing locations that we have personally ever been in. Everything from the machinery to the landscape is top notch ,and it should be enjoyed by everyone. Make sure to stop in if you get the chance to visit Greenville in the future!

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