The Gill House : October 12th, 2013

The Gill House : 10.12.13

On October 12th, 2013 the C-Bus Paranormal crew had the distinct opportunity to investigate the Gill House in Galion, Ohio. Unlike the prior months of investigations where we have traveled a rather large distance.... the Gill House is located about fifteen minutes away from most of our investigators. The home itself was recently just opened back up to the public after 60 years ,and is currently in the process being restored. Local legend has claimed the house to be haunted for several years now ,but there have only been vague descriptions posted online about the homes activity. There have been three known homes built on the property where the land now sits. This includes the original Gill home which was moved to the back of the property when the Gill House was being built. To date there have been no records or documentation found that suggest that there have been any deaths within the home during it's history.

The Gill family was known to have had ties with Henry Ford and also Thomas Edison. One of their children was actually named after Edison's second wife Mina Miller ,and was a childhood friend of Nellie Gill. it is also believed that Henry Ford drove the first automobile in Galion during one of his visits to the house. The house itself was built by famous architect Louis Kamper ,and it's believed to be the only one of his designs still standing in Ohio. The house itself is amazing ,and I personally feel its one of the most interesting structures that we have investigated. There are several maze like rooms on each floor of the house, a large open staircase ,and a massive attic. Oddly enough it also had some monster spiders down in the basement. There were a few renovations made by the two families that lived in the house after the Gill family. During our opening walk through we were shown a hidden passage between two rooms on the second floor ,and also a section of the house that was walled off by one of the previous owners. The reports within the home contain full body apparitions, footsteps ,and some audio that has been captured by other local investigators. Personally we look at every location with a skeptical view. There haven't been many groups that have investigated the home ,and there has also only been limited amounts of evidence produced online. Each paranormal group has their own amount of experience ,and every group investigates differently. This in some cases can be a good thing ,and in other times inexperience can lead to mixed results. One of the biggest things we noticed immediately about the home was the factor of outside noise that contaminated parts of the audio we were running. The Gill House is located off of the busiest street in Galion ,and it wasn't uncommon for us to pick up conversations that were going on outside at the time of the recordings. This was also the case with talking in between each level of the house which can make a location nearly impossible to scout for audio evidence. I'm intrigued however by the reports of a women apparition that is seen on the first floor. I think in due time there might be some evidence produced to help confirm this ,but as most of you know.... the paranormal doesn't take personal request and activity wont occur on command.

During the course of the investigation everything seemed pretty quiet from a personal experience stand point. We tried to produce some activity by playing period music from the record player in the front room. However it didn't seem to spike anyone's interest but the living on this night. Overall we still highly recommend the building for visits. Wither it be for their weekend tours or for over night investigations. The Gill House is packed with history ,and it's an amazing sight to see first hand. The owners of the home are doing a great job on the renovation work ,and were all really down to earth people. We would like to personally thank them for having us out ,and perhaps we will meet again soon. C-Bus Paranormal John ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside the investigation :

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Evidence : No evidence found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Evidence : Inconclusive The building has just been opened up to the paranormal community ,and the mystique of the location is still shrouded in mystery and excitement. However there hasn't been much evidence produced from it at this time. We feel more evidence will need to be collected in order to possibly confirm a haunting. We would be open to investigating the house again in the future if the opportunity arises.