The Bissman Building : November 15th, 2014


It was only a matter of time before C-Bus Paranormal would once again team up with our affiliates in Ohio Lost Souls Paranormal. Oddly enough this investigation would occur at a location that is fairly close to our team members ,but had seemed to elude us over the last few years. The Historic Bissman Building looms over downtown Mansfield, Ohio as a reminder of the cities former glory. The location was featured in the movie Shawshank Redemption ,and it continues to draw waves of visitors and fans of the movie to this day. I've personally passed the building several times over the years ,but never had the opportunity to explore the old building. Let alone investigate it.

The building itself was built in 1886 ,and was mainly used as a whole sale grocery store. In the early 1930's the building was known for roasting large amounts of coffee that would fill the downtown air in the early morning hours ,and would then roast fresh peanuts at the end of the work day. The Bissman Building was rather popular in the days of Mansfield's industry boom period. Unfortunately those days have long passed ,and the city is a mere shell of what it used to be. Thankfully the building itself has been in the same family now for six generations ,and is now home to "Pirates Printing Shop" and is also used to take care of the Bissman's personal car collection.

There are several claims and legends behind the reason why the Bissman Building is claimed to be haunted ,and the stories seemed to have been experienced by different generations of the Bissman family. There was a confirmed death with the elevator in the building where an employee was decapitated in a freak accident (pictured above),and there is also the rumor of a girl named Ruthie that haunts the higher floors of the building. I've heard several stories over the year of what happened to the little girl. However there has been no actual documentation to be found on what caused the event of her death. The main claims within the building are audio responses, footsteps, shadow figures ,and feelings of dread.

Both teams were provided with a brief tour of the building ,and an extensive history lesson about the buildings past. During the course of the night we noticed several shadows that were caused by car headlights on the street outside. We personally believe this is a reasonable explanation for some of the buildings claims on shadow figures. The basement can provided false positives if someone walks by the outside windows ,and the upper floors can give that appearance with cars passing by in the alley. I even caught my own shadow twice on the camcorder while walking through the building. Thankfully I could tell on the camcorder screen at the time that it was due to the large amounts of windows in the building ,and the right amount of lighting coming from the street lights in front of the building. This is why our team prefers to use camcorders and video over still photography. A camera would have only been able to capture a fragment of what can be captured with video ,and the video playback allows for disproving what could have labeled as false evidence.

I did however have a few personal experiences on the 3rd & 4th floor of the building. I decided to travel the building alone to see if the entities would be more willing to communicate. During this time I thought I heard a disembodied voice a few feet away from where I was standing. I also felt that I was grabbed during the walk through near the elevator ,and again on the top floor later in the night. A member of Ohio Lost Souls had also experienced something similar.

Overall the Bissman Building is a truly historic building with an amazing past. The building needs to continue documenting claims of the groups coming into investigate. Over the course of the night both teams had their own experiences. I had the disembodied voice, there were a few moving EMF spikes, and the overall feeling of being watched/ touched. . We would once again like to thank the Bissman family for having us.

C-Bus Paranormal John --------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidence : The following audio clip was obtained in "Ruthie's Room" ,and we believe that there is a distinct humming sound near the recorder that sounds child like. Perhaps this is spirit believed to be Ruthie. During the clip we present the raw audio file.... followed by a slightly enhanced version of the same clip.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion : Possible haunting A few of our investigators had personal experiences during this investigation. The disembodied voice, recorded audio, ,and the feelings of being touched can certainly be tell tale signs of a haunting. However we were able to disprove a few of the more common claims of the buildings activity (shadow play ,etc). In conclusion we would like to spend more time at this location in the future ,and explore / document more of the possible phenomenon that seems to be occurring at this location.