The Bell Nursing Home : May 31st, 2014

The Bell Nursing Home (05.31.14)

The C-Bus Paranormal team gathered for two separate cases on May 31st and June 1st. Our first investigation was to be held in Kimbolton, Ohio at the Bell Nursing Home ,and then we would travel overnight to Radford, Virginia to investigate St. Albans Sanatorium the following night. Needless to say this would present us with several unique challenges ,and it would also be a set of investigations to remember. I would begin this journey from my home in Mount Gilead, Ohio ,and fellow investigator Jeff Cole would be traveling all the way from Atlanta, Georgia. The team normally scouts several locations at the beginning on the year, and both of these buildings have been on our radar for quite sometime. We started the night by meeting a few investigation groups at a local Bob Evans near the Bell Nursing Home. "The Ohio Lost Souls Paranormal" group among others. Jeff and I ironically arrived about the same time ,and started plotting out the weekends challenges. We originally met OLSP investigator Chris Oles at our Madison Seminary investigations last year ,and we have all mutually decided to include him in future cases and projects as an affiliate investigator. The team thinks that his electrical and paranormal background will be able to help us greatly in the future ,and we look forward to working with him more. Everyone arrived at the Bell Nursing Home around 7pm ,and immediately started setting up the equipment. It also appeared that we had captured the attention of the local neighbors who seemed to be throwing a large house party outside. This would present a challenge for us ,and it would obviously risk contaminating our audio evidence inside the building. The team sometimes has this problem in more "City type" of environments. However we didn't expect to have blaring country music outside from 7pm to 7am. Regardless we traveled a great distance ,and would make this work one way or another. The other teams helped set up the camera system on the DVR ,and we went lights out around 9pm. The Bell Nursing Home has complex history ,and it was originally built for one of the towns promising merchants William Ledlie. During it's history the building has been used as a tannery, a funeral parlor, and a nursing home. At one point the buildings old embalming room had even been walled off. This was due to one of the previous owners being superstitious about the buildings past. The buildings paranormal claims involve shadow figures, pianos playing by themselves, doors closing, and other various paranormal events. The new owner has also brought in a collection of haunted dolls. However I'm personally not sure how one could authenticate that claim.

Overall we had a fun night and it was awesome to talk to other teams about their past experiences in other locations that we have investigated. However the activity in the Bell Nursing Home seemed to be rather quiet on this night. (Other than the partying neighbors and a rooster that started to crow around 3am). We attempted various theories to try to spark activity in the building ,but in the end we came back empty handed on this one. The building is amazing however and hopefully the owner continues their restoration work. Kimbolton is an incredibly small community overall ,and the building could definitely draw a new crowd of people to the town. This case.... much like our previous cases in the year yielded no evidence. So perhaps we're in a quiet period for paranormal activity currently. it should be interesting to see how our next couple of investigations go. We started packing up the equipment around 7:00am ,and then proceeded to drive to the nearest rest area to get some sleep. Ironically our sleep was short lived ,and we were back on the road by 10:00am. We had a vast journey ahead of us to get to our second location of the weekend.... St. Albans Sanatorium. C-Bus Paranormal John -------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside the investigation :

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Evidence : No evidence found.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Conclusion : inconclusive The outside noise from the neighbors proved to be an issue on this investigation. Unfortunately large chunks of audio would have to be ruled out as inconclusive on this night. Hopefully some day we will be able to revisit this building ,and give it another chance to live up to it's reputation.