St. Albans Sanatorium : June 1st, 2014

St. Albans Sanatorium (06.01.14)

(Continued from the Bell Nursing Home investigation) St. Albans Sanatorium might possibly be one of the strangest and awe inspiring locations our team has ever had the privilege of investigating. The land itself has quite a dark history to it from the "Draper's Meadow Massacre" to being used as part of the civil war in 1865. The Union forces once used the land that St. Albans was built on to defeat the Confederate army during the battles of Newbern and Cloyd’s Mountain. The building was opened up in 1892 as the St. Albans Lutheran Boys School ,and was turned into St. Albans Sanatorium in 1916. During its operational years many patients met their end as a result of the experimental treatments performed at this institution. Insulin Coma Therapy (ICT), Electro-convulsive Therapy (ECT) and Hydro Shock Therapy (HST) all resulted in a significant number of fatalities. There were also several documented suicides during the buildings tenure ,and in 1980 there was a crime committed close to the building where a women named Gina Hall was murdered. Needless to say.... this land has seen quite a bit of tragic history. We hit the road the following day at about 10:00am. We were obviously a little rough around the edges after a grueling night of investigating the night before ,and then dealing with a lack of sleep in the morning. However we had another five hours of driving ahead of us ,and wanted to get a decent start on the day. The team has been investigating several locations around the country now for nearly four years ,and during our time of investigating we have seen quite a bit of amazing scenery during our travels. I personally love driving deep into the West Virginia/ Virginia mountains as the landscapes and mountain structures are truly amazing sights to see. This investigation however would be the farthest East we have ever traveled for an investigation ,and would be a challenge after the case the night before.

Jeff and I arrived at St. Albans Sanatorium at around 4:00pm ,and was surprised to see the building nestled in the middle of a now booming college campus. The buildings ominous presence seemed to loom above the city of Radford ,and we could immediately tell the building was in need of drastic repairs. The structure definitely seemed to have its share of charms with architecture however ,and reminded us of the Madison Seminary in several ways. There seemed to be two buildings conjoined at the middle with what appeared to be a connecting hallway. However upon further review we could see that the middle section was basically a small building in it's own right. St. Albans Sanatorium seems small from the outside.... however its a monster maze on the inside. During the course of the night there were several times we found ourselves doing circles within it's labyrinth. The owners and volunteers of the building have been doing a great job in trying to get the building restored ,and hey talso run a Halloween event throughout the building in the Summer months. Not only is the building creepy in it's own right.... you never knew when a Halloween prop might catch you off guard while making your way through the building. We were joined by another paranormal group at the beginning of the night (Autumn Moon Paranormal) ,and they graciously helped us find our way throughout the Sanatorium. During the pre-investigation we we're shown the hydro therapy room, the electro shock room, the isolation rooms, and the rest of the buildings massive layout. We were also given pointers on some of the most active locations in the building. Autumn Moon Paranormal founder Matt Slozer also has a radio show that airs on Sunday nights called 'Sunday Night Dead". Check it out if you get the chance ! We're currently in the process of going through the evidence review for St Albans Sanatorium ,and we're currently not sure if we captured anything paranormal. During the course of the night we did have a few moments where we believed we possibly heard a few disembodied voices ,but we cant confirm if they were actually captured on our audio at this time. However we do want to state for the record how awesome the location is ,and how much we appreciate the buildings long standing history. Hopefully the sanatorium will see several more years of use ,and can be enjoyed by paranormal teams for several years to come. We highly recommend the location to anyone that investigates within this field. C-Bus Paranormal John -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside the investigation :

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidence : Read about our experiences and hear audio evidence from this case in our book "Ghostly Encounters : Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator"