Sedamsville Rectory : May 12th, 2012


On April 22nd the C-Bus Paranormal team went to Cincinnati for an investigation at the Sedamsville Rectory. The Rectory itself was built in the 1800's ,and has had several reports of activity through the years. Everything from objects being moved by themselves, shadow figures, doors slamming, scratches ,and several pieces of audio evidence. In some cases the audio evidence was even threatening towards investigators. On this night the team consisted of John, Mike, KC, Andrew, and Karen Floyd. Karen had won a contest we had held on our Facebook page to come in and investigate with us for the night. We took a very informative tour from the owner Tim ,and then started setting up for the night.

The Rectory's most well known spirit is believed to be Father Donald Macleod. He was a very well known priest for his time ,and actually wrote several books throughout his life. After years of service Father Macleod had fallen in love ,and was looking to move out of the Rectory and start a new life ... when tragedy struck. He was on his way to provide a sermon for a dying women when his life came to and end. Father Macleod was hit by a train and killed instantly. During his last two weeks at the Rectory his fellow priest had moved his room down to the basement. Several people have reported feeling his presence in the Rectory to this day. There has also been rumors of other priest that were murdered in the Rectory as well. The location also had a murder in front of the Rectory ,and at one time there was a dead child delivered to the Rectory with a noose around his neck. (These statements have been made by the owners of the Rectory, and further documentation will need to be reviewed to confirm).

It didn't take long for activity to start. As the crew was setting up a door was slammed ,and a briefcase was moved across the room upstairs. Unfortunately we were still setting up the gear during this time ,and couldn't document the events. We were hoping the activity would stay high during the course of the night. We went lights out as soon as everything was set up. The first thing we became concerned with was the outside noise that could still be heard in the Rectory. There have been several past reports of evps of children and animals ,and the sound of children playing outside was coming through the building very clearly. We figured the ambient noise would get quieter throughout the night ,and it did as night fell across Sedamsville. We don't know if this is some of the sounds other groups have been reporting ,but we knew that is was there for our reference. So throughout evidence review I will be looking for direct responses ,and audio evidence that go with the buildings history.

We headed down to the basement first and took a base line reading with the k2 meter. The device wasn't spiking at all ,and the area was very well maintained. We placed the K2 on the dog kennel in the middle of Macleod's room ,and informed him that if he stepped in front of the device the devices lights would light up. Immediately after we stated this the K2 meter spiked several times in the course of a few minutes. After reviewing audio we do feel that Father Macleod's presence was possibly with us at that moment.

After our experience in the basement we explored other parts of the house and the activity seemed to have ceased. After hearing all the reports of scratches, threats, and other acts committed by a malevolent spirit.... we decided it wasn't going to do anything with us unless we provoked it out. Our team normally doesn't use this technique of investigating. However we felt it was necessary at the time to possibly get the activity going again. We headed up to the homes notorious "Creepy Room" to confront a entity believed to verbally harass investigators. Shortly after we started provoking.... it sounded like a door was hit in the room beside us. We knew at that point we had possibly got the response we were looking for. We looked everywhere to see if anything had fallen or was out of place ,but nothing could be located.

The Sedamsville Rectory provided us several challenges and surprises during the course of our stay. We had a good investigation at the Rectory for our first visit there ,and we want to thank Karen for coming out with us. I know there was a few times where she was startled and caught off guard but she did a great job! We also want to thank Tim for his walk through ,and for having us out to the location. I have a feeling the paranormal world will be hearing much more about the Sedamsville Rectory in the near future.

C-Bus Paranormal John ---------------------------------------------------------- Evidence for this investigation is currently being restored.