Prospect Place : November 6th, 2011

PROSPECT PLACE : (11.6.11)

On November 6th the C-Bus Paranormal crew went to Trinway, Ohio to the historic Prospect Place Mansion. On this night I was joined by Andrew Aycock and Mike Hale. Even on the way down to the mansion... we all felt that it was going to be a crazy night. Oddly enough we took highway 666 for a good part of the trip to get there. The mansion used to be apart of the Underground Railroad ,and it is well known in the paranormal community for it's paranormal activity. There legends that revolve around a bounty hunter that was executed in the barn ,spirits of refugee slaves still hiding away in the basement, and a unknown little girl that is believed to have fallen from the balcony to her death.

Prospect Place looms outside of a small town ,and is an amazing structure to see. It's one of those ominous places where you have to say to yourself.... If it's not haunted. It should be. We were greeted by Jeff Adams the caretaker whom is believed to be the great grandson of the mansions original owner. We discussed recent happenings on the location ,and was told of a few recent instances that caught our interest. Just a few weeks earlier a family from New York had ran out the door without warning during the middle of the night and hadn't been heard from since. There was also a demonologist that had recently ran out of the Basement ,and left the property immediately after something apparently confronted him in the location.

We went dark around 7:00PM ,and made our way up the first stairwell. Andrew and myself heard a voice clear as day ,and turned around to look at each other thinking it was the other. We found out later during playback that there was a disembodied voice that appeared on the recording. Little did we know... things were only going to get crazier throughout the night. We did a sweep of the whole house (and barn) ,and then reported back to base camp. It was a cold night in November ,and we all decided to keep our main focus on the house itself. We felt the barn was to open to do any real EVP sessions in there ,and felt the near by road would clash with our audio equipment. Afterwards we placed several digital recorders throughout the house and decided to let them run all night. The main spots I wanted to focus on was the ballroom and the daughters room where the little girl is believed to reside. The devices picked up several EVP's throughout the night.

On our second sweep of the house we decided to stay up in the ballroom for awhile to see if we could get any activity. Much like the prior investigation we started hearing voices ,and thought we seen shadows streak across the windows at certain times. We then started noticing our equipment was starting to falter as a IR camera would not record ,and one of the recorders was down to 1/4 of a battery after we had just put new batteries in it. We felt like we were no longer alone. Shortly after Andrew stated that his back felt like it was burning. After we checked we realized he had a series of small scratches down his back. Mike and I would keep an eye on him throughout the remainder of the location. We would be skeptically cautious about the incident ,and could throw it in the "personal experience" file.

The ballroom was by far not the only room with activity. We then concentrated our efforts in the daughters room and the sons bedroom. During the course of the night we all kept thinking we were hearing a little girls voice. Towards the end of the night we were all sitting silently in her room ,and we started hearing loud bangs everywhere around us. It sounded as if everything we brought in was getting thrown around downstairs. So we slowly made our way back down to base camp to see what was causing the sounds ,and then stopped right in front of the camera. When we stopped we noticed the sounds were getting louder ,and footsteps were walking directly above us on the 2nd floor. After the earlier events in the night our first reaction was "what's next?". After a few minutes the noises stopped ,and we were in pure amazement of what we had just captured on camera.

We left Prospect Place and immediately went to work on reviewing the evidence. We knew that we had captured things during the night that far exceeded the normal Paranormal investigation. During evidence review we captured several voices, growls, and other strange audio. There were no women on our investigation ,and yet we had several pieces of audio with a woman talking. The little girl also seemed to like us as well ,and came through on our audio recordings a few times. It was an amazing and shocking night to say the least.

We have booked our return visit for April ,and we will be ready with more equipment than ever for our return. There is no doubt in our minds that Prospect Place is active ,and we are looking forward to documenting more occurrences at this historic landmark in the near future.

C-Bus Paranormal

John -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidence : Evidence is currently being restored for this investigation.