Prospect Place : November 12th, 2012

Prospect Place : 11.12.12 On November 12th the C-Bus Paranormal team returned to the historic Prospect Place in Trinway Ohio. The location was used as a station house during the days of the underground railroad ,and it was built by abolitionist George Adams in the 1850's. The building itself has proven to be a hotbed of paranormal activity for people investigating the location. The house is known for it's past evidence of scratches, disembodied voices, footsteps, and occasionally for full body apparitions. Our team has experienced most of these events first hand at the location on past visits ,and we consider the building to be one of the most active locations we have ever investigated. This would be our third visit to Prospect Place ,and it truly is one of our favorite buildings to investigate.

We arrived a few hours early to pay our respects to the Adams family whom are buried in a near by local cemetery in Dresden Ohio. On this night we would have investigators Mike Hale, Jeff Cole, and myself for one of our longest investigations to date. We would have the building from 7pm to 10am the following morning ,and would have more than enough time to cover the entire property for several hours. The team was greeted by the current owner Jeff Adams ,and we started loading our cases of equipment into the building.

I think its important to look back on our prior investigations ,and to see how much we have grown over the years. On our first two visits of the location we didn't have much equipment at all ,and on this night we came in with everything including the kitchen sink. It was good seeing Jeff Adams again as we discussed the buildings renovations, and both George and Jeff's past history in archaeology.

The team immediately went to work setting up the DVR cameras ,and started running cables through the entire house. We literally covered everything from the ballroom to the basement the best we could with several different camera angles. On this visit we would also be spending some time out in the barn ,and wanted to focus a bit more on the basement than we have on our prior investigations. We started noticing activity right away ,and turned out the lights as soon as we could. The spirits inside of Prospect Place have given us several pieces of strange audio in the past ,and we were already hearing voices and footsteps on the floors above us during set up.

After making a few rounds through the home we noticed the activity seemed to slow down and the house seemed incredibly quiet. We also did solo sessions with members at different areas of the house ,and we also got to experience a sun rise at Prospect Place for the first time. During the night we ran several hours of video, audio, and thermal recordings that the team is currently reviewing. This night seemed to be the most quiet out of all three nights we have been at the location ,but we did get a few pieces of interesting audio evidence. The team would once again like to thank Jeff Adams for having us out ,and we truly appreciate the chance to once again roam the halls of this historic building. Depending on what the new year brings.... we would love to possibly stop in again sometime next year. C-Bus Paranormal John ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidence : Evidence and experiences for this case can be found in our book "Ghostly Encounters : Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator."