Prospect Place : November 10th, 2013

Prospect Place : 11.10.13

The C-Bus Paranormal team returned to Prospect Place on 11.10.13 for our fourth investigation of the building. For those of you that have read our past blogs.... you should be very familiar with our history at the location. Prospect Place is regarded by our crew as one of our favorite locations to investigate. The mansion has several decades of history ,and has been featured on several paranormal television shows. During the course of our past investigations of the building we have experienced disembodied voices, several intelligent evps, footsteps, and various other phenomenon. On this trip however there would only be two team members staying the course of the night until the following morning.

We were once again greeted by caretaker George Adams at around 7:00pm ,and filled out the normal waivers involved with the investigation. George (Jeff) Adams claims to be a descendant of the original Adams family ,and is the current source of information on the property. Prospect Place is home to many ghost stories and legends ,and there has been a few confirmed deaths on the property. The Mansion was also part of the underground railroad network ,and there very well could have been unconfirmed deaths during it's time in service. There have been legends passed down of a former bounty hunter that was hung in the barn ,and also a story of a little girl that was believed to have fallen to her death from a upstairs balcony. Keep in mind these last few claims are "legend" ,and they don't appear to have supporting documentation. Prior to the investigation we had a few more questions for George that we had been curious about. Oddly enough most people don't talk about the families that lived in the house after the Adams had moved away from the property. However there were at least two more families that lived in Prospect Place before the building became abandoned. The Kanes and the Wagners. Perhaps there is more information from this time period that many investigators and groups are unaware of..... perhaps it might hold the key to the rumors of a little girl dying at the location? Information from this era is very scarce ,and hopefully we will get more answers about this time period in the future. During the course of the investigation we noticed something about the building that we never experienced before..... it was quiet. For the first time in four investigations at Prospect Place it truly felt like we were alone. Any location with known activity can have slow nights ,and it seemed that we were finally going to experience the building in dormancy. There were no personal experiences for the night ,and the evidence review also provided nothing but silence. There are still so many questions left unanswered about Prospect Place ,and this wont be our last trip to the building. The team will be hoping for a return to it's normal haunting levels on our next visit ,but we enjoyed the experience of investigating the location again. C-Bus Paranormal John

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Evidence : No evidence found.