Prospect Place : June 6th, 2015

PROSPECT PLACE : June 6th, 2015


The C-Bus Paranormal team welcomed a new challenge into the fold in 2015 ,and jumped at an opportunity to help one of our favorite haunted locations.... Prospect Place in Trinway, Ohio. The mansion had recently came under fire for a tax issue at the state level (despite the building being a registered non-profit organization) ,and was in need of support from the buildings supporters. Jeff and I quickly did what we could by sending several emails ,and we were able to round up several individuals for a meeting in March 2015. During this meeting we discussed ideas to help with the on going legal battle, ways to help restore the building, lead public tours. and also help with possible fundraising ideas that could help our efforts. We knew going into the project that it would be an up hill battle ,and we would do what we could to help save the property. On March 14th ,2015 we helped form the "Friends Of Prospect Place Association" ,and the group has been slowly gaining steam since it's formation. Our dedicated group of volunteers have since helped clean the property, started renovations to the library, found an attorney to help with the tax issue, lead two separate school tours, and have started planning for our first public event. We're always looking for help and volunteers. Please contact us on the "Friends Of Prospect Place Association" Facebook page for more information ,or to help get involved in our efforts.

We have written several blog entry's in the past about our visits to Prospect Place ,but figured this would be a great time to really take an in depth look at the mansion in this blog entry. Not only for it's paranormal claims ,but it's past history that sometimes gets pushed aside by some of our fellow paranormal enthusiast. Our investigation journal has evolved in 2015 ,and we're now able to look at each location with a great amount of detail. This blog entry will be no different. We hope that we can shed some light on the buildings amazing history ,and also it's paranormal claims / reports of activity. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Prospect Place mansion was originally built in 1856 by abolitionist George W. Adams ,and it was meant to be a dream house for his 2nd wife Mary. However the building that stands today isn't the original structure. The first Prospect Place was burned to the ground the night before the family was to move into the home. It is commonly believed that a unique character named George Blackburn was responsible for the fire ,and it was reported that he bragged about committing the crime during a drunken stuper. Mr. Blackburn had a checkered past as a thief ,and was working as a bricklayer in the Dresden area. It is believed that he caused the fire in hopes of generating more work for himself. Word quickly spread to George Adams ,and he promptly had Blackburn arrested and sent to the Columbus Penitentiary. Blackburn helped build the prison ,and actually escaped shortly after. Blackburn eventually met his match when he returned to Muskingum County ,and attempted to rob a local farmer. The farmer ended his life with the splitting end of an axe. NOTE : MY RESEARCH HAS PROVEN THE PREVIOUS PARAGRAPH / BELIEVED INFORMATION TO BE INCORRECT. CONTRARY TO PRIOR REPORTS AND STATEMENTS MADE BY THE PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION ON TELEVISION..... GEORGE BLACKBURN NEVER DID TIME IN THE OHIO PENITENTIARY FOR THE ARSON. THE FIRE OCCURRED ON APRIL 5TH, 1855. THE FAMILY WASN'T READY TO MOVE INTO THE PROPERTY AT THAT TIME. THE AXE INCIDENT DID HAPPEN IN 1866... HOWEVER BLACKBURN SURVIVED THE ATTACK. HE WOULD GO ON TO SERVE SEVEN TERMS IN THE OHIO STATE PENITENTIARY... HE ESCAPED TWICE... AND DIED IN THE PRISON IN 1896. PLEASE VISIT THE LINK BELOW TO READ THE INFORMATION I HAVE PULLED UP AND CORRECTED ON GEORGE W. BLACKBURN THROUGH PRISON RECORDS AND NEWSPAPER ARCHIVES. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The house was immediately rebuilt ,and stayed true to the original design in every way. The 2nd version was even built upon the exact foundation. George and his wife Mary eventually had several children within the home ,and the family became pillars of the community. George became active in what later became known as the Underground Railroad in the 1840's. He became a conductor, going often himself, and later sending his men, to retrieve refugee slaves from the South and bring them to freedom in the North. It is also believed that George Adams possibly entertained another famous abolitionist in the home.... Former president Abe Lincoln. George was a strong supporter of the Union army, was once a member of the General Assembly of Ohio, and he held a massive two week celebration for the community once the Union sealed the victory during the Civil War.

George Adams died within the home on August 31st, 1879 ,and would leave his inheritance divided between his wife and children. His eldest daughter Anna inherited the mansion ,and moved in with her husband William Cox. It is believed that William was a high spender ,and that he helped spend a large part of both of their families inheritance. Anna and Williams step daughter Constance also died of tuberculosis during this time period of the mansions history. Once the money ran out..... William literally disappeared. Leaving Anna a single mother. He would never return to family ,and his disappearance became a complete mystery. His son George Cox spent a great deal of time and money during his life in an attempt to locate his father, with no luck. It is thought that Mr.. Cox was in residence at a hotel in San Francisco when in 1906 that building was destroyed by the great earthquake and fire. It's believed that Mr. Cox and many others that were killed during the tragedy.

As time went by many family heirlooms and even parts of the house itself (the copper of the roof) were sold off to make ends meet. Anna died in Prospect Place due to complications from a fall on the ice at the neighboring River Dale mansion. She died never knowing the fate of her missing husband. George Cox owned the home until 1960 ,and eventually gave up trying to maintain it. The house was then bought by the Cox Gravel Company (no relation ,and was opened for tours in 1976 for the American bicentennial celebration. After that Prospect Place sat abandoned ,and started falling into a state of disrepair. The leaking roof caused several rooms to collapse ,and wind constantly came roaring through it's broken windows.Vandals had also came into the property causing a considerable amount of damage. Often breaking and stealing anything they could find. By 1988 the house was scheduled to be demolished. However the house was temporarily saved when Dave Longenburger bought the house ,and planned to restore the home. Dave was known for his massive basket making empire ,and couldn't let the houses demolition take place. Unfortunately though, Dave became ill and died before he could see the restoration completed.

Eventually Jeff Adams... whom claimed to be the great grandson of the original.... Bought the house back from the Longenburger company. He eventually moved into the mansion ,and started his early renovation work. A project that still continues to this day ,and that we hope to help him continue. George established the G.W. Adams Education Center to help teach the history of the underground railroad ,and he has opened the house up for tours and school field trips. Please make plans to come visit this amazing piece of history!

C-Bus Paranormal John


Inside look at the investigation :


Weather Conditions :

Barometric Pressure : 30.00

Temperature : 70 °F

Wind Speed : 11 mph Moon Phase : Illuminated Fraction

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paranormal Claims :

There are several paranormal claims and legends associated with Prospect Place ,and many believe that there are past family members still tied to the property. There were at least three deaths in the building that have been documented ,and a few legends that have been undocumented. The confirmed deaths consist of George Adams himself, his daughter Anna, and Anna's step daughter Constance Cox.

- Over the years there have been reports of a small servant girl seen on the property. She has also been heard in various pieces of audio ,and has been known to be very friendly with guest. Visitors will often leave several toys and trigger objects for her to play with during their stay. There is a legend that a young girl fell from a 2nd floor balcony to her death. However this story has never had any form of supporting documentation. It's unknown where the story originated ,but most guest believe that she is the spirit tied to the story.

- Other visitors have claimed to have seen the full bodied apparition of a grown women as well ,and it's not uncommon to get intelligent female audio responses within the home. Our group personally hasn't made the determination that the female of the house is Mary ,and believe that it might be Anna that is frequently speaking to fellow investigators. Contrary to other online reports..... Anna is believed to have died at the mansion. We have also captured female coughs on our audio in the past as well as a direct audio response indicating that Anna is indeed within the house.

- There are also mixed reports of a malevolent spirit on the property. Several people believe it is the spirit of a past bounty hunter that was hung within the barn area. Legend has it that a bounty hunter once visited the estate ,and was met by George Adams and his gun at the front door. George was determined to protect the slaves hiding on the property ,and wouldn't let the man in the house. The bounty hunter then left the mansion ,and was met by several of the mansions exasperated servants. Legend has it that the bounty hunter was then hung in the barn ,and has been tormenting visitors ever since. There have been shadow figures seen within the barn area ,and various visitors have claimed to have been scratched.


- The basement is another active area within the home. Some paranormal investigators have claimed to see shadow figures and others have also claimed that they have received audio from escaped slaves looking for freedom. It is also important to remember that the basement was used as a makeshift field hospital for a train wreck that occurred in the Dresden area in 1912. There were several casualties. The victims were kept at Prospect Place until they could be moved to the hospital in Mt. Vernon. Sadly some individuals didn't make it. This could also relate to some of the possible claims of paranormal activity. NOTE : THE ABOVE INFORMATION WAS ALSO STATED ON THE TELEVISION SHOW GHOST ADVENTURES BY THE PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION. THIS INFORMATION WAS PROVEN TO BE INCORRECT IN MY RESEARCH BY EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS AT THE CRASH SITE. THESE PERSONAL ACCOUNTS WERE THEN PRINTED BY THE TIMES RECORDER NEWSPAPER. THE VICTIMS OF THE TRAIN WRECK WERE NEVER BROUGHT TO PROSPECT PLACE. IT WAS STATED ON GHOST ADVENTURES THAT THE TRAIN WAS HEADING TO MOUNT VERNON AT THE TIME. HOWEVER THE NEWSPAPERS CLEARLY STATE THE TRAIN WAS HEADING TO ZANESVILLE. THE CRASH SITE ITSELF WAS TURNED INTO A FIELD HOSPITAL (NEARLY SIX MILES AWAY FROM THE MANSION). THE INJURED AND DEAD WERE THEN BOARDED ONTO A RESCUE TRAIN AND TAKEN TO GOOD SAMARITAN AND BETHESDA HOSPITALS IN ZANESVILLE. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Phantom footsteps are another claim of activity within the house. It's not uncommon to have a peacefully quiet night be interrupted by several loud footsteps, or even a disembodied voice for that matter. There are also times where people have seen or heard objects being moved. On rare occasions investigators will even capture the faint sound of music being played in the near by rooms.

Observations :

- We have been working with Prospect Place quite frequently since March ,and have had numerous experiences in the building on our past visits over the last several years. The house itself can be super charged with paranormal activity on any given night ,and on other nights be deadly silent. Honestly it's hard to tell what type of night your going to have until you're conducting the investigations itself ,and it's another reason why the location is truly unique.

- Our team can honestly say that we have experienced several of the paranormal claims above. We believe that their is at least one female entity on the property and also a small child. We have frequently recorded female voices ,and also what we believe is a small girl within the house itself. Often times these responses are "intelligent" ,and will respond to our questions or the situation at hand. We have also experienced heavy footsteps ,and have also had an investigator claim to be scratched at the location on a past case.

- Video evidence at the location seems to be hard to come by ,and honestly that can be said for any location with reported activity. We have never seen a shadow figure or full bodied apparition at the mansion ,but other investigators have reported these encounters in the past. We personally don't believe an entity can show itself at will ,but can be occasionally seen in incredibly rare instances. Always be aware of your surroundings when shooting photos or videos at the mansion ,or any locations that you might investigate. We have disproved at least one shadow figure at the mansion during our investigations by reviewing the video during evidence review. There is at least one paint spot on the 2nd floor that can be confused as evidence if you're not careful.

- Beware of the critters. It used to be common to have several bats find there way into the mansions ballroom. However it seems that the bat problem is now under control. Pigeons are the latest pest that have tried to reclaim the property ,and they can be frequently heard in the ballroom area. Unfortunately they have also been causing a bit of damage as well during the process. It is essential to be aware of these birds when reviewing your audio so that you don't mistake them for a persons voice. A famous TV show has made this mistake in the past ,and it can be clearly heard on their TV episode (GHOST ADVENTURES).

Personal Experiences :

- Overall the mansion was pretty quiet on this night ,and there were no personal experiences to report.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidence : No evidence found. - Update : We have a new audio clip that came from the barn on 09.15.15. Our investigators heard this voice during a volunteer clean up day ,and immediately played it back on the recorder. You will be able to hear us reviewing the audio at the time it happened ,and also the audio hit itself. We we're cleaning up the barn at the time ,and asked the entity (believed to be the bounty hunter) where he was buried on the property. Two volunteers started picking up and talking about a pile of "pop sickle sticks" in the corner of the barn when they heard the disembodied voice. It was so loud that they played it back on the recorder immediately after it happened.


Conclusion: Haunted The team wasn't able to add any evidence of a haunting on this night ,but we have had several prior encounters with Prospect Place in the past with various results. It's always important to remember that paranormal activity doesn't always happen on command ,and anything can happen on any given night. We have had enough brushes with Prospect Place in the past to know that it's a very active location. We haven't had very much activity during our volunteer days thus far. However two of our volunteers did notice the door to the library opening by itself on one of our first renovation days. It's hard to tell how the the renovation work will effect the reported paranormal activity ,but I'm sure we will find out soon enough.