Prospect Place : August 17th, 2014


The C-Bus Paranormal team had a major challenge in investigating the "Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum" on August 16th ... we followed it by investigating one of our favorite haunts "Prospect Place" on the next night. It was only the beginning of another one of our "double investigations weekends" ,and this one would be a struggle to accomplish. Oddly enough we would have two separate crews for each investigation ,and had members come from as far as Atlanta, Georgia for this unique challenge. The crew members arrived back at our hotel in Weston, West Virginia at around 7:00am ,and then left a few short hours later to embark on our journey to Dresden, Ohio. On this night we would have investigators Jeff Cole, Julie Tankovich, Sherry Fantelli, and myself. Jeff and I would work both cases for the weekend in question. It's a challenge to write a blog about a location that we have visited numerous times ,but there is a reason why we have continued to go back to Prospect Place. Our team has basically made it an annual event at this point ,and we have rarely been disappointed in the locations activity. The mansion is a historic treasure located near the small town of Dresden, Ohio ,and it's no longer a hidden gem amidst the paranormal community. The mansion is now drawing several groups of investigators that span several states across the country. The 29 room mansion was built in 1856 by abolitionist George Adams. The location was also used as a stop in the underground railroad during the 1850's and 1860's ,and been featured on the normal run on the mill paranormal shows like "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Adventures". The house itself seems to show several signs of an intelligent haunting ,and we have acquired several strange pieces of audio over the years. It's rare to go into a location and encounter so many direct responses to the questions we're seeking answers to ,but this location more often then not delivers top of the line evidence. The team has started to develop a unique relationship with the present day caretaker of the house ,and it's always interesting to hear about the latest reports of activity. This visit was a little different as a good part of the beginning of our visit consisted of discussing the State Of Ohio ,and how their attempting to cause problems for the property itself. Most of this information can be currently found on the Prospect Place Facebook page. During the course of the investigation we felt that it was a very quiet night. However our past experiences in the location have shown that this could be a false feeling ,and we wont really know until we have had a chance to review the evidence. We spent more time in the basement and in the barn then we normally do due to the warm weather outside. We hit the location as hard as we could. With multiple cameras and recording devices scattered throughout the house. The team would once again like to thank the board of trustees for having us ,and it always an honor to come back and visit the property. A few weeks after our investigation we were informed that a group of people (claiming to be investigators) had vandalized the property during an overnight investigation. This act is completely deplorable ,and we hope that charges are pressed against the group in question. This building is a historic landmark ,and it's a shame to see that some thrill seekers would rather try to trash the place.... then to help save it. Several individuals have spent years of their life attempting to restore the property ,and it's disgraceful to see this type of disrespect being shown to the mansion. If we hear any further information on this we will let you know. C-Bus Paranormal John


Evidence : No evidence found.


Conclusion : Haunted We had a quiet night this time around ,but we do still believe that this property is active. Our past evidence and experiences are more than enough to over look the occasional quiet night. Each property tends to have it's own personality. Some nights can be extremely active. While other nights can seem fairly normal.