Prospect Place : April 22nd, 2012

PROSPECT PLACE : (04.22.12)

Our last investigation of 2011 occurred at Prospect Place in Dresden Ohio. The investigation itself gave us some of our best evidence to date. We had experienced everything from scratches, growls, footsteps, and several evps. Several of the evps themselves appeared to be intelligent ,and even reacted to the events that transpired that night. I consider myself a skeptic ,but we had a lot of odd experiences during our first night at the location. The crew member that was scratched in November kept having strange dreams for weeks that he felt was related to the mansion. He was then involved in a serious car wreck on Christmas day. He nearly bled to death at the scene ,and had four metal rods placed in his right arm. Odd coincidence? Likely. However we had to go back to Prospect Place ,and try to uncover more of it's past. We needed answers why we experienced what we did ,and to find out more about the believed spirits in the home. This would require us to once again encounter the possible malevolent spirit in the home ,and to stand up to everything we had experienced on the prior investigation.

We returned to Prospect Place on April 22nd, 2012 ,and we came prepared with more equipment than we have ever had. Three members of our crew went in for this one. Ryan, Andrew, and myself. Andrew and I had witnessed the prior events. While this was Ryan's first time in the location. We were prepared for the long night ahead ,and were looking forward to uncovering more of the locations mysteries. We set up the DVR cameras ,and went lights out for the start of the evening. The whole time during set up Ryan and Andrew were already hearing strange sounds coming from the infamous Ballroom. At the beginning of the night we experienced several knocks and footsteps during our time in the area.

About halfway through the night everything become quiet. It was a new feeling that we hadn't experienced in the house prior. In a way it shocked us as we weren't used to feeling safe in the mansion up to this point. We felt alone. All the activity just stopped. We started to make our final sweep of the night when we noticed the dog barking outside towards the house ,and a train was heard in the distance. Suddenly it felt like bolt of energy ran through the house as the train was going by. Perhaps the house was channeling it's energy from the the near by train tracks. One of many items that are believed to possible be conduits of paranormal activity.

After the train had made it's way through the town... we started hearing odd sounds once again. It sounded like faint voices from time to time around the second floor. I think we might have found one of the batteries that gives the home it's strength. The train basically brought the home back to life for several minutes before the activity once again ceased. We stayed for a few hours after the activity died back down ,but ultimately wrapped up in the early morning hours.

C-Bus Paranormal

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