Poasttown Elementary School : March 29th, 2014

Poasttown Elementary School : 03.29.14

The C-Bus Paranormal team returned to the Poasttown Elementary School on March 29th, 2014 for a follow up investigation of the building. This would be the first time that our group had entered the school since 2012 ,and we we're excited to visit with our friends Jay and Darrell once again. Previously there had been a whirlwind of controversy surrounding the building after a past event promoter started spreading allegations about the buildings paranormal activity last year. However he was unable to provide any solid evidence of his claims ,and later apologized for the drama that was created. The promoter was also caught in several of his own lies during the charade ,and also felt that he was owed more money from the school after an event that was held there. We wont be going into great detail about these events ,but there is still plenty of information about this online. We firmly stand behind the school ,and it was an honor to return back to the school for another investigation. The team has been to the Poasttown Elementary School nearly a half dozen times within the last few years ,and over the course of several investigations.... most of them have been relatively quiet. However there was one night that everything seemed to come together ,and we were able to capture a shadow figure in one of the hallways. We have since made several attempts to recreate what we captured on video that night ,but each time we have failed to recreate/ disprove what we captured. The figure itself appeared to be child like ,and it is one of the more common reports in the building. Oddly enough another group had recently visited the school ,and had a "similar" event in the exact same doorway.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding why the Poasttown School might be active. However the surrounding area was effected by two train wrecks in town, a massive flood, and even a few events during the schools operational years. Most of the information surrounding these events are buried in historic achieves ,but many believe could be tied with the buildings activity. We started the night catching up with Darrell and Jay ,and then set out to investigate the building. On this night we were joined by another paranormal investigations group that had also previously investigated the location (MIPP : Midwest Investigators of Paranormal Phenomena). It was awesome to get to meet their team, and also to talk about each others past experiences in other locations. Overall it appeared to be a slow night ,and we're still working on the final pieces of our evidence review. We did experience what we believe to be one of the call buttons making a "clicking" noise but we were able to replicate it. We have heard of the other groups experiencing similar events in the past ,but we don't believe that it's paranormal in nature. The rest of the night was incredibly quiet. Which made for a good night of investigating. MIPPS do believe they have captured one E.V.P. within the principals office ,but we haven't found anything in our audio at this time. C-Bus Paranormal John


Evidence : No evidence found.