Ohio State Reformatory : August 13th, 2015

Ohio State Reformatory : 08.13.15 The C-Bus Paranormal team celebrated it's four year anniversary on August 13th, 2015 at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. Oddly enough the location was the sight of our first investigation ,and we didn't plan for the case to coincide with the chosen date. The team originally had planned to focus more on advertising for our upcoming book release during the summer months, but found ourselves intrigued by an email to participate with our good friends in "Ohio Lost Souls Paranormal" and "Ohio Black Sheep Paranormal". Luckily they had already booked the prison for the night ,and everything else seemed to simply fall into place, Construction of the Ohio State Reformatory started in 1886 ,and it would take several years to complete due to various funding delays. It opened it's doors to the first 150 offenders on September 15th, 1896. The new prisoners were immediately put to work constructing sewer lines ,and the 25 foot wall that surrounded the entire complex. The prison would remain under construction until 1910. The buildings East cell block is known for being the highest free standing cell block in the world at six tiers high. Over 200 inmates are known to have died during the buildings operational years. This would include two guards during separate escape attempts. The Reformatory remained in full operation until December 1990 when it was closed via federal court order. The closure was the result of a prisoners' class action suit citing overcrowding and inhumane conditions

A few strange events have occurred at the Ohio State Reformatory since our last investigation of the building. I have written about former prison guard Frank Hanger in past blogs ,and have touched on the fact that he was murdered in solitary during an attempted prison escape. Two of our own investigators were followed for several minutes after attempting to make contact with Mr.. Hanger on a previous investigation. During our audio review we we're able to hear an entity asking for "help" ,and trying to desperately get our attention. We have attempted to make contact with the unknown spirit on a few other investigations since that night ,but haven't had as much luck experiencing the phenomenon again. Two people were executed for Frank Hanger's murder (Chester Probaski and Merrill Chandler) ,and they met their end at the Ohio State Penitentiary electric chair in Columbus Ohio. Oddly enough the story doesn't end here however,and recent events might have brought this tragedy full circle. Another investigation team recently received an audio response of " I hit em on the head" during a recent E.V.P. session in solitary. However the voices tone didn't seem familiar to any of the Ohio State Reformatory staff. After thinking the entire situation through... they made a startling connection. Have the spirits of Hangers attackers somehow returned to the prison? And why would they be back after all of this time? The answer to this question is now on display in the prisons museum... The Ohio State Reformatory had recently received and displayed the original Ohio State Penitentiary's electric chair. The same chair that was used in the execution of Frank Hangars assailants. Coincidence? Hardly. There is a strong possibility that there are a few spirits attached to old execution device.

The investigation itself was rather interesting ,and most of our focus seemed to be on solitary for the night. Several investigators reported feeling very uneasy in the area ,and there were complaints of sharp pains and investigators having a hard time breathing. One investigator felt he was attacked during one of the E.V.P. sessions. He could be seen trying to escape the cell he was in on several of our video devices. Naturally he appeared to be rather shaken by the event.It's important to note that physical altercations at the prison seem to happen rather frequently ,and a few members of each team have had something happen to them at the prison over several years of investigations. To put it bluntly.... I usually don't consider these type of events as evidence ,but I certainly document it as personal experiences. Especially when it involves individuals the you know and believe to be credible. I had my only physical experience at the Ohio State Reformatory a few years back ,and I'm still trying to wrap my head around that night. Overall the Ohio State Reformatory lived up to it's reputation... as it always seems to do. There is little doubt in our minds that the building is active. Extremely active. It seems that all hell can break loose in the prison on any given night ,and it's always a pleasure to investigate/ explore it's unique haunted charms and history. We recommend visiting the prison for an investigation or for one of it's history tours. The building always does an awesome job with it's guest ,and it should be on your bucket list of places to visit if you haven't already. C-Bus Paranormal John -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weather Conditions : Temperature : 70 °F Wind Speed : 7 mph Moon Phase : Waning Cresent -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paranormal Claims : - The Ohio State Reformatory has developed a reputation for having some pretty aggressive entities. It's not uncommon for investigators to claim they have been touched, pushed, scratched, or assaulted by an unseen presence within the location. Women also seem to be targeted quite frequently.

- Shadow figures and full bodied apparitions are a normal occurrence reported within the building.

- It's not uncommon to hear the sounds of cell doors closing, disembodied voices, experience footsteps, or to randomly smell strange scents within the building. Observations : - There has been quite a bit of commotion recently with the Ohio State Reformatory now having the Ohio State Penitentiary electric chair on display. Several people believe that the chair has brought in several new attachment spirits ,and that a few of them might even have ties to a murder that was committed at the Ohio State Reformatory during a botched escape attempt in solitary. I personally collect pieces of memorabilia from the old Ohio Penitentiary (Cell door / Piece of the old wall/ etc) ,but I haven't had any attachments related to the items. If there is an item that could possibly cause a haunting.... I would think the electric chair would be at the top of the list.

- Outside noise can still cause a bit of contamination during the early hours of an investigation at the Reformatory. (Especially near the library and infirmary). However it generally calms down in the morning hours ,and it wont really be an issue after the traffic subsides.

- The volunteer staff have been doing a great job keeping the building maintained. They have now started work on the floors in the administration area. Personal Experiences : - We had a rather interesting night from a sensory perspective. The air in solitary was incredibly heavy ,and various investigators started feeling strange in the area. Some started complaining of sharp pains. While others found themselves having a hard time trying to breathe. The incredibly thick area itself seemed to move around solitary during different parts of the investigation. It seemed that the area was a hot spot during the night ,and it received a lot of attention from each investigation group.

- From a physical stand point we had an investigator that seemed to develop a small gash on his head ,and he also claimed to have been attacked during an Evp session in solitary. We were able to capture this on a few DVR cameras and hand held camcorders. The individual has bright red welts appear on his chest after the incident.

- There were also reports of strange EMF fluctuations near "Lockhart's Cell". However we ruled the EMF spikes out as being inconclusive. The cell itself is known to be the scene of a past prison suicide. Where a former prisoner ended his life by setting himself on fire within his cell. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidence : We had a few possible minor (low level) e.v.p's ,but nothing that we could really make out this time around. In this case we didn't compile an evidence video due to the quality of the audio we captured. We don't consider physical altercations as evidence but as personal experiences. We will mention / document these rare events ,but that is pretty much the extent of it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion: Haunted

- I'm pretty sure this conclusion isn't a surprise to any of our readers or teammates. Even on an odd night such as this. The Ohio State Reformatory has a reputation of being one of the most haunted buildings in the world..... And for good reason. We have explored this building several times over the years ,and have never came away empty handed. We have had various intelligent audio responses over the years as well as some interesting video tidbits. It's also important to note that this building helped change a few of our own investigators beliefs of the paranormal in the past. Go experience it if you haven't had the chance.