Madison Seminary : September 5th, 2012

Madison Seminary : (09.05.12)

On September 15th the C-Bus Paranormal team ventured up to the historic Madison Seminary in Madison Ohio. Going into this investigation we honestly didn't have much information about the reports of paranormal activity ,but we had heard only good things about the building. The Madison Seminary originally opened its doors in 1847. The location itself was used for many different activities over the years ,and it also had numerous name changes. At one point the building was used for a school, a home for women and children affected by war, and even a hospital. During its time as a hospital the nurses were often inmates from Marysville Prison. The hope was that the patients and the inmates could help each other be rehabilitated back into society. Looking back... this probably wasn't the best of ideas. In the 1980's it barely survived a demolition attempt and was saved due to it's historical significance. In 1993 the building was placed up for rent with the following message in a local news paper "For Rent: Historic building on Middle Ridge Road . . . can be leased cheap, caution — building may be haunted". It was later sold for only $28,000.00.

Going into this location we had a crew of Andrew Aycock, Jeff Cole, and myself. Jeff had already did some research on the Madison Seminary, and had pulled the buildings floor plans earlier in the week. Once we looked over the floor plans ...we knew we had our work cut out for us. The location itself has nearly 100 rooms within its massive structure ,and it was by far one of the largest buildings we have ever investigated. This would create several challenges with setting up the DVR and video cameras during the night. We arrived a bit early to get a look at the building ,and was absolutely stunned by it's size. A short time later we were greeted by the buildings current owner ,and took a brief walk through of the location.

As far as paranormal activity goes the Madison Seminary has had several reports of phenomenon. It was even featured on tv at one point on a episode of "My Ghost Story". On the lower floors there has been reports of children who still walk the halls ,and several shadow figures. On the top floor there is a rather odd pair of spirits that are believed to cause physical harm towards investigators. One of the suspected spirits is thought to be an aggressive nurse that is still trapped in the location ,and the other for some reason doesn't like things blocking his bedroom doorway. There has been several reports of objects being moved and thrown if the doorway is blocked. Investigators have been punched, pushed, and threatened in the area. To top it off there was also a documented hanging in the kitchen ,and also a doll that has been known to move by itself in the basement.

We had a few different game plans for the night ,and immediately blocked the upstairs door way off with a near by chair that had been thrown previously. We placed a geo phone on the chair ,and placed a camcorder to the side of the hallway to see if we could catch it moving on video. We also placed another stationary camcorder on the doll downstairs. We then went lights out to see what we could experience throughout the course of the night. During our investigation we dud encounter a few disembodied female voices.

The C-Bus Paranormal team highly recommends visiting the Madison Seminary if you haven't already. If you have your own group.... it's hard to find a place with this much history and size for the price. The location itself doesn't get enough a publicity ,and it needs to be placed more into the public eye. Make sure to stop into their Facebook for the locations complete history ,and to access their booking information. We'd would like to thank the Madison Seminary for an amazing night ,and hope to visit the location again sometime in the future.

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