Madison Seminary (Public Ghost Hunts) : November 1st and 2nd, 2013

Madison Seminary : Public Ghost Hunts (November 1st & 2nd, 2013)

On November 1st and 2nd we were granted permission to run a public ghost hunt at the Madison Seminary in Lake County, Ohio. During the course of the weekend we would bring in several paranormal enthusiast that would get a chance to explore the massive building along with it's history of paranormal claims. Our overall goal was to allow our supporters and other local investigators a chance to come in and possibly have an experience of their own. We also made the event public to help smaller groups and individuals that normally couldn't afford the group cost of a private investigation. However we also limited the amount of people involved so that the building didn't become overly crowded. During the course of the weekend we would welcome in several people including some that were even several states away (New Mexico and North Carolina) to join us in the chilly confines of the Madison Seminary.

Around Halloween there is always a ton of "walking tours" and other alleged paranormal events. However the credibility of some of the locations and investigators can certainly be questioned. There are usually a lot of "legend has it" or "supposedly this happened" quotes thrown around on ghost walks that later get proven to be false. We wanted our event to be different ,and to let everyone experience a known haunted location for themselves. At the same time we also wanted to show how our group operates as opposed to the Tv groups or some of the thrill seeking groups currently involved with the field. Hopefully that came across clearly to our participants ,and we tried to provide as much factual information that we possibly could. There are a lot of misconceptions spread about this field ,and it requires a lot of patience to get the chance to have your own personal experience. Paranormal activity wont happen on command ,and every location has it's strong and slow nights. It's not our place to tell anyone how to investigate ,and there are no experts in this field. However we have developed protocols that have worked well for our group overtime. Remember to take things one step at a time ,and find out what methods personally work for you. We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves ,and kept an open mind throughout the course of each night. We really appreciated the help from the "News-Herald" and "Lake County Gazette" newspapers for helping us to promote the event ,and for giving us the chance to showcase what our group is about to a bigger audience. The team would also like to thank the Cassel family for giving us the opportunity to run the event ,and for allowing us to have access to the Madison Seminary for the Halloween weekend. It was an honor to meet everyone that was involved with the event ,and we hope to do another event like this at some point in the future. Since the investigations have concluded we have been sent audio and video files from different participants about their experiences ,and we appreciate hearing the feedback. Once again ... thank you to everyone that came out! C-Bus Paranormal John