Madison Seminary : June 15th, 2013

Madison Seminary : 06.15.13

The C-Bus Paranormal team returned to one of our favorite haunts on June 15th, 2013.... the Madison Seminary in Lake County, Ohio!

The Madison Seminary originally opened in 1847. The building provided high school and beyond education to the people of Lake and surrounding counties. In 1891 the structure was purchased by the Ohio Women's Reliefs Corps ,and renamed the Madison Home. It's purpose was to render needful assistance to Army nurses and soldiers’ mothers, wives and sisters of those whom were uprooted from the spoils of America’s Civil War. The Madison Home ceased operation in 1962 when it was taken over by the Ohio Department of "Mental Hygiene and Corrections" ,and renamed Opportunity Village. During this time the building housed selected honor inmates from the Ohio Women’s Reformatory in Marysville to work as staff at the facility, learning skills as nurse’s aids and other occupations. It also became an extension of Apple Creek State Hospital and housed special needs women, most of whom could care for themselves. A joint project with the Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, it was hoped that the slow learners and prisoners could be rehabilitated to live productive lives in society. Opportunity Village was closed in 1975 ,and building was leased out for several years to the Madison Township. The building was able to avoid the wrecking ball in the 1980's ,and was purchased by the Cassell family in 1998.

In recent years the Madison Seminary has become well known for it's paranormal activity. The building has been featured on a few television programs ,and is a favorite location among paranormal investigators in Ohio. There have been reports of full body apparitions, shadows figures, disembodied voices, and even a doll that has been reported to move around the building by itself. Our first investigation of the building in 2012 provided us with several strange pieces of audio evidence. Oddly enough most of the audio seemed to be voices of women and even children within the facility.... During our first investigation of the building we only had male investigators.

Before the investigation we made a brief visit to Middle Ridge Cemetery to pay our respects to those whom had died within the Madison Seminary during it's many incarnations. On this night we were joined by Karen Cassell whom led us through a tour of the building. She was very knowledgeable about the buildings past sightings ,and also shared her own past experiences with us. We were able to talk to Karen about hosting our own public investigations in the building during the Halloween season ,and thankfully we were able to acquire the dates of (Nov 1st & Nov 2nd). For those who might be interested in the investigations please contact us at

Most investigators in this field know that a location can be very active one night ,and sometimes be incredibly quiet the next night. On this investigation we struggled setting up the DVR system due to the buildings massive size. However we were able to run several hours of audio and video. In the process I was personally startled by the supposed haunted doll that other investigators had placed on the second floor the night before. Overall it seemed liked a quiet night from a personal experience stand point ,but we did have a few investigators that thought they had heard footsteps on the top floor.

We highly encourage investigators to investigate the Madison Seminary. It's truly an amazing piece of architecture filled with a storied past. You never know what you might find within it's walls ,and the Cassell family will give you honest in depth details about the buildings history. We would like to personally thank the Cassell family for our past experiences within the building ,and hope to have many more!

C-Bus Paranormal John

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