Johnsville Home Investigation : October 6th, 2012

Johnsville Home Investigation : (10.06.12)

It's not very often that the team gets to work a case close to home ,but on this night the location was right in the middle of several of our crew members. A local family had contacted us in September about several reports of activity they had been experiencing within their home. Reports of shadow figures, strange lights, and noises were the main reports of activity. Most of the activity seemed to revolve around the couples son whom had refused to sleep in his room for several months. It also seemed that their son was getting less sleep ,and that the activity was starting to affect his habits in school. The families son stated that he had seen the figures of a man ,and a small child within his bedroom one night while he was trying to sleep. The child appeared to be in Indian dress and was a little girl. The home itself was built in 1976 ,and has had no reported deaths that the owners are aware of. However they have found several arrowheads on the property ,and Johnsville itself was known to be the home of known Indian tribes in the past. We knew that this was a case we needed to take ,and I set up the original client interview in September. During the original interview session I actually had the mother and her son sleep in the room in question. During this session I wanted the family to be in it's natural environment ,and was hoping that the spirits in question would make themselves known. I placed two night vision cameras within the room ,and one of our digital recorders. My hope was that if the family felt anything strange that they would be able to talk to it ,and hopefully get a few answers to what has been happening within the home. During this session we did get a few evps. Most of the audio was happening while the family was sleeping. A few of the captured audio pieces were asking for help ,and also spoke the sons name. The responses were talking about how he was sleeping ,and they seemed to actually want him to wake up. Oddly enough during the first night we captured what we think is the voice of a little girl and also of a older male. After reviewing the rest of the evidence I contacted Mike and Andrew about doing a follow up investigation. We wanted to not only cover the house itself ,but to also do a few sessions outside in the families woods. We set our return date for October 6th, 2012 ,and brought every piece of equipment that we had. On this night we also debuted a thermal imaging camera ,and had great success running it outside in the wooded areas. On our second night we did capture a few more pieces of audio ,and it once again related to their son. During the second night we also had a chance to work with the family on how they should proceed in dealing with the spirits present. There seemed to be nothing harmful in the home ,and we stressed to the family that they have nothing to fear. The main thing was to get them comfortable in dealing with the situation ,and to understand the different theories related to our field. During the sessions we also spoke with the spirits in question ,and stated that they need to leave the family be. The family is okay with them being there ,but don't want them interfering in their lives any further. We are happy to report that as of November 15th, 2012 there has been no further occurrences in the home. The families son has started sleeping in his room again recently ,and things seem to be returning to normal. The team will continue to monitor the situation to see if a cleansing will be needed ,and have started trying to pull records on the property. We appreciate the chance of getting to work with the family and we plan to stay in touch! C-Bus Paranormal John