High Banks Metro Park : April 26th, 2014

High Banks Metro Park (04.26.14)

On April 26th, 2014 the team stopped into the "Highbanks Metro Park" in Delaware, Ohio. The land itself Is known for it's Adena Indian heritage ,and has various sprawling walking paths throughout several acres of woods. The property is home to two Adena Indian burial mounds ,and even a make shift cemetery plot. Recently there have even been reports of Sasquatch sightings on the land. At the beginning of the year we had decided to take a bit of a mini break from investigations to focus on our families and to take some needed time off. The paranormal field can be rather demanding once it consumes your interest ,and we have been very busy/active group now for nearly four years. During the winter we lost a few members, had members move ,and have also been working on several soon to be announced projects. Overall we knew that business would once again pick up around May and June ,but we needed a few small dates to fill in for our plans for early 2014. This location was one of the random local sites we had heard about ,and felt we had to check it out

This location reminded us a bit of a similar location that we had investigated previously in Mentor, Ohio. There were several acres of woods ,and the land was rich with native American history. There also happened to be a settlers graveyard in the middle of the park. The cemetery however is just in place to commemorate the lands earliest settlers "the Pool family". The set up is similar to the Mentor investigation in the fact that this isn't a real graveyard ,and there are no bodies buried with the headstones. The stones we're brought together on this spot for display purposes. However nobody seems to know the location of the families actual burial. The park service did an amazing job on setting up this plot for the public to see ,and its a good part of history to read about for the parks visitors.

Andrew and myself spent quite a few hours hiking the trails in the morning hours ,and we actually got lost a few times. We did run several hours of audio and video for reference sake. However we weren't able to capture any solid evidence at this location. Overall the park is amazing and it was a fun place to visit ,but we don't see the location as being an ideal place for a mythic monster or a hotbed for paranormal activity. The Adena history undeniably makes it an interesting setting for a possible haunt ,and a few paranormal websites have started to pick up the location citing that there are "mystical energy fields" scattered throughout the park . However nothing has been documented as of this time. Our team has never been sold on "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch sightings" in general ,but unexplained monster sightings have their own place in the field of the unknown. It wouldn't be surprising to see us explore more cryptids in the future. Overall the park is an amazing location to visit if you're in the area ,and it was fun to mix it in at the beginning of the year. It was something different ,and it was a fun place to explore.... Now it's time for our team to hit the road once again at the end of May ,and we're looking forward to exploring more of the most active paranormal spots across the country. C-Bus Paranormal John


Evidence : No evidence found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Conclusion : Inconclusive Bigfoot Habitat : Extremely unlikely. This location simply hasn't had enough time to truly be investigated by multiple teams. We believe more evidence would need to be collected to consider the location as being potentially active from a spirit perspective and/or a mythological monster perspective. While there is quite a bit of land in the park itself.... I personally cant see the park as a potential home for a Sasquatch. It would be nearly impossible for the creature to survive or go undetected with this environment. The entire park is surrounded by busy roads and highways ,and nearly every inch of the park is extremely accessible to visitors.