Gettysburg Battlefield : April 5th, 2013

Gettysburg Battlefield : 04.05.13 The team woke up at 5:30am for the start of our second investigation in Gettysburg ,and immediately started the search for coffee. For this investigation we would take advantage of the season ,and enter the Gettysburg Battlefield alone at the break of morning. There are many advantages to visiting Gettysburg in its slow season ,and one of its few perks is the lack of tourist. The other is the amazing once in lifetime experience of walking through the battlefields completely alone in pure darkness. The park opens at 6am and closes at 10pm. During the spring months you can usually get a few hours of darkness ,and we planned on taking full advantage of this privilege. What hasn't been said about Gettysburg? It was the bloodiest battle of the entire civil war. There is an estimate of 46,000 to 51,000 causalities during the three day stretch of battle between both armies ,and the town itself is known as being possibly the most haunted town in all of America. There was the infamous battle of "Little Round Top" lead by Union, "The Devils Den", "Picketts Charge", and the "Bloody Wheat field". On this day we planned to spend several hours at all of the known hot spots during the battle. The Gettysburg National Cemetery is also on the edge of the battlefield ,and we even had a chance to visit the spot where Abraham Lincoln gave the "Gettysburg Address".

The Gettysburg Battlefield had always been a dream location on my paranormal bucket list ,and it's hard to explain the emotions that run through your head while walking through the battlefield. During our visit we ran audio in the morning ,and we also returned after dark at around 8pm. We did extensive audio sessions in the devils den, wheat field ,and then focused our efforts on Little Round Top at night. The team also ran the thermal imager at night ,and it was an amazing sight to see over the vast body of land.

I can honestly state the running the thermal imager in pure darkness at Little Round Top is one of my favorite experiences so far in our travels ,and it provided a continuous adrenaline rush. The feeling in the area is extremely heavy ,and our senses were on full alert. On this night we were hoping to make contact with one of the many that lost their lives on this hallowed land. It seemed like a quiet night however ,and we packed everything in at around 9:45PM. During our time at the battlefield we did notice that the traffic can be quite heavy at times on the roads nearby ,and that might lead to some of the sounds reported at the battlefield. At one point we thought we had heard massive amounts of gunfire ,but then realized it was just a near by train echoing in the distance. Thankfully many volunteers patrol the battlefield to keep vandalism to a minimum ,and the experience was much more rewarding than what we encountered at Sachs Bridge. The battlefields have an enormous amount of history ,and we highly recommend paying it a visit if your in the area. C-Bus Paranormal John ------------------------------------------------------

Evidence : Our audio evidence can be heard in our book "Ghostly Encounters : Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator".