Fostoria Historical Museum : June 13th, 2015

Fostoria Historical Museum : 06.13.15

The C-Bus Paranormal team traveled to Fostoria, Ohio on June 13th, 2015 to investigate the Fostoria Historical Museum. The building had recently been opened up for investigations by the "Fostoria Paranormal Investigations" team ,and it was still in it's infancy of being investigated by other paranormal groups at the time of our investigation. Our team had previously met F.P.I's founder Jamie during their annual "Tri-County Para-Fest" ,and we had discussed the building on our teams video chat as a possible location to investigate for the new year. It seemed that the timing couldn't have been better to investigate one of Ohio's most unique alleged haunted locations.

We called in our affiliates from "Ohio Lost Souls Paranormal" to join us for this investigation and quickly realized that this wouldn't be a typical case. The museum itself boast an amazing assortment of historical artifacts that most visitors believe are contributing to the stories of the museum being haunted. It's rare to stumble upon an attachment case ,but it seems certain items in the museum's collection might hold spiritual significance. The museum has several items ranging from the Civil War era, World War 2 , historical surgical tools, bullet holes from a local Dillinger gang attack ,and the building even has a mummy. The structure is also historically significant in the fact that it was formally used as Fostoria's City Hall, Fire Department, Police Department, and Jail at one point in time. The building is truly a hidden jewel of the towns local history ,and we highly recommend visiting the museum if you ever come to visit Fostoria.

Jamie started off the night by providing a very informative tour of the museum. He was also able to provide detailed information of his teams prior personal experiences within the building. We were also able to listen to a few audio clips F.P.I. had recorded during their recent investigations of the museum. One of the most common apparition sightings seems revolve around the spirit of a young girl. Visitors have reported seeing her within the museum ,and F.P.I. was able to get an audio response from her referencing a teddy bear that was in the room at the time. It's unclear why she might remain at the museum ,but some people believe that her spirit might be attached to donated bed that resides on the second floor. Other strange reports in the museum include shadow figures, footsteps, lights turning themselves off, phantom smells, and various audio phenomenon.

I personally would consider myself a history buff ,and I would have had fun exploring the museum on a normal visit during the day. Let alone investigating it in the after hours for paranormal phenomenon. Overall we had pretty quiet night from a paranormal prospective ,but everyone enjoyed their time within the museums history enriched walls. We would like to thank Jamie McCaskill for having us out ,and we wish his group the best of luck with raising donations for the museum. It's good to see another group take their personal time to help upkeep/ save an important part of their towns local history.

C-Bus Paranormal John


Inside look at the investigation :


Weather Conditions :

Temperature : 64 degrees (average)

Wind Speed : 11 mph Moon Phase : Waning Crescent Thunderstorms in the area


Paranormal Claims : - The Fostoria Historical Museum's biggest paranormal claims seem to stem from the historical objects within the building itself. In rare cases paranormal investigators believe that a spirit can be attached to an object that has a significant meaning to a deceased entity. It is possible that museum could be a hotbed for an "attachment" style haunting considering all of the war memorabilia ,and rare vintage items that it displays on a daily basis. However it's also important to note that there is also a real mummy on display ,and it's not everyday that a paranormal investigator conducts an investigation around an actual deceased human body. - There also seems to be a possible child entity that seems to hang around the 2nd floor area. There is a story that a young girl had died in one of the donated beds on the second floor. However it would be a challenge to get any sort of confirmation on this ,and there are no known records to reflect the story. Investigators have reported kid like EVP's within the museum ,and other visitors have claimed to see the entity as well. - A confederate civil war spirit is believed to respond to music of his era near the civil war exhibit.

- Several investigators have claimed to have experienced several odd EMF spikes within the building. - Investigators have claimed to see shadow figures on the 2nd floor. - Visitors have experienced strange smells with in the kitchen area. Often resembling cooking and baked goods.

Observations :

- We do have a bit of an advantage over most paranormal teams these days from an electrical stand point ,and we have a resident electrician that helps with identifying strange EMF anomalies during investigations. We were able to trace several odd EMF spikes to their sources on the 2nd floor ,and in most cases the spikes were due to light ballast on the floor below. Ballast can hold a charge for several hours. Even if the lights have been completely turned off. This in turn could explain the strange EMF spikes and fluctuations. - The building has what we call a "fun house effect". In this case street lights from outside can cause strange looking shadows within the museum. Especially on the 2nd floor near the classroom area. Combine this with creepy mannequins ,and you will more often than not believe you see something move within the upper floors. The layout is similar to the Bissman Building in Mansfield. Make sure to check your surroundings if you think that you have obtained any type of shadow movement or evidence. - This location can be best utilized by keeping your investigation group to a low amount of people. Sound does carry within the building rather well. You will want to limit possible audio contamination by keeping track of where your fellow investigators are at within the building during an investigation at all times.

Personal Experiences :

- The night seemed to be quiet from a paranormal stand point. An investigator noticed that a puddle of water had formed on the concrete floor during our stay. However the phenomenon can be traced back to "sweating slab syndrome" where condensation and moisture can sometimes form water on a solid surface. - We also had a strange stationary heat spot show up on the thermal that we couldn't explain. However it didn't appear to be anything paranormal in nature and was stationary.


Evidence :

- No evidence found.


Conclusion: Inconclusive

- The Fostoria Museum may still have ghostly inhabitants ,but they were quiet on the night of our investigation. It will take some time to document and archive evidence before a true conclusion can be made on the buildings paranormal claims. However I'm convinced that Jamie's team will be able to bring more of this to the table in the upcoming months ahead. The investigation overall was a fun experience ,and we hope more teams come to the building to witness it's unique atmosphere and charm.