Edinburgh Manor : September 13th, 2013

Edinburgh Manor : 09.13.13

The C-Bus Paranormal team took the month of August off in preparation for the longest road trip that we have ever taken in this field. One location on this journey is known worldwide for being a historic unsolved crime scene ,and the other location is a retired mental asylum/poor house that had recently been opened to the public. Unfortunately we had to make some changes to our teams roster before these investigations took place ,and only two investigators could brave this adventure. Oddly enough we both felt that our hotel in Cedar Rapids was probably the scariest building out of all of the locations at the end of our journey.

We set off in the early morning hours ,and drove nearly nine hours to the first location in Scotch Grove, Iowa. Thankfully the traffic wasn't much of a problem ,and we only had to make a few brief stops on the way. Edinburgh Manor is a fairly new venue that has recently been opened up to investigators ,and it has already started to make a name for itself on the Eastern side of Iowa. The sun had just started to set when we arrived at the building ,and we immediately felt that there was something to this location. In it's operational years Edinburgh Manor was known as the Jones County Home ,and it was built in a very similar to style to our own Madison Seminary in Lake County Ohio. The building was blocked off into separate wards. One ward for the females and one for the male patients. The buildings records also reflect over 80 deaths within the home during it's operational years. This also includes a past residents report of a hanging that occurred in the male side of the building. We were greeted by our guide after snapping a few pictures ,and took note of the sign out front that states "county living at it's best"... before entering into the building.

Our guide was very informative ,but also seemed to dread being in the building. We were informed of a few hot spots in the location ,and also a bit of what has been reported. She spoke of a female that seemed to talk to investigators in the female ward ,and also gave a few brief explanations of what the staff in the building had experienced. At this location we were literally in the middle of nowhere with cornfields on every side of us ,and there was also a small cemetery across the street where many of Edinburgh's past residents were laid to rest.... Needless to say outside contamination would be very minimal on this case. Our guide left us shortly after the walk through ,and we started setting up our equipment for the night. We felt from the start that this building would bring us many challenges.

It didn't take long for the old building to let us know that we weren't alone. Jeff had just went outside for a cigarette ,and I was in the middle of set up..... when loud bangs and footsteps started to occur on the floor above our base camp. We literally stopped everything that we were currently doing to have a look upstairs to see what had been making so much noise. During this time Jeff and I both heard possibly the loudest disembodied voice that we have ever encountered. It seemed to be female in tone ,and also occurred near the room where reports of similar phenomenon had been occurring. We were unable to completely make out the voice during our review ,but it was picked up on two separate devices. We were also able to find several creepy relics from the buildings time in operation. This included a set of note cards that literally stated.... "I 'am here for a reason", "I 'am still a good person", "I deserve to be loved" ,and "I 'am still a good person".

Overall the night was filled with several challenges but it was well worth the trip. We had to discredit several of the knocks and banging sounds due to the shift in weather outside. These type of sounds normally occur once the temperature cools inside of several of the locations we have investigated. However the loud sounds became less frequent as the night went on ,and the temperature started to stabilize. Weather and time has certainly taken it's toll on Edinburgh Manor ,and in it's own way made a creepy building ....even creepier. The paint on the walls were peeling heavily and the ceiling fans were dilapidated. However we do believe there is more to the location than just it's amazing scenery ,and that it still has at least one past resident lingering around. We both highly recommend the building to investigators ,and encourage teams to visit it if you're in the area. Edinburgh Manor should be on every teams wish list at some point ,and is worth the road trip to go out and investigate.

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Evidence : Read about our experiences and hear audio evidence from this case in our book "Ghostly Encounters : Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator".