Cleveland Warehouse (Kingsbury Run) : November 6th, 2012

Cleveland Warehouse (Kingsbury Run) : 11.06.12 On November 6th we made a familiar trip toward Cleveland to investigate a massive four story warehouse. The warehouse is unique as its near a few of the infamous "Kingsbury Murder" locations. In the 1930's a series of violent crimes hit the area known as Kingsbury Run. It didn't take long for the bodies to start being discovered in pieces and mutilated beyond recognition. There were thirteen murders that are believed to be tied to the killer ,and only two of the bodies were successfully identified. Famous detective Eliot Ness had also worked on the case ,but the case was never officially recorded as solved. After a few brief stops at Franklin Castle and The Drury Mansion we arrived at the building around 5:00pm to hear employee experiences and to begin a massive set up process. We started loading the gear into the building ,and was greeted by C-Bus Paranormal affiliates Jeff Cole and Julie Tankovich. They would be helping on the case for the night with Andrew and myself. The team did a walk through of the building ,and met several of the companies employees. Each employee led us to areas of the building where they have had their experiences. The employees main reports in the building seemed to focus around shadow figures. However there was a recent issue with the companies security system. The alarm had been triggered when a door opened and closed by itself leading to the outside of the building. The owner did have video of this happening ,and the same door triggered the alarm again a few weeks later. Each time the door was locked prior ,and there was nobody on the companies DVR cameras going into the door or on the outside of it. The team started our set up process in the most active areas of the warehouse. We ran a full 8 camera DVR set up ,and also put a few stationary camcorders around the building. It was truly a challenge to cover the whole building ,but we did have enough cable to view everything. The building itself dates back prior to 1900 ,but the owner could only trace the company back to the 1950's. There was also a known fire in a section of the building a few years back with no known fatalities. Were currently tracing back the history of the building ,and will hopefully have some more information on it soon. During the night we didn't see much ,and the building was quiet. We did have some strange issues with equipment at times ,and also kept hearing a radio interference that we couldn't locate. However we didn't seem to get anything definitive from our audio or video feeds. Towards the end of the night we took a trip up to the top of the building to shoot some video of downtown Cleveland ,and then we wrapped it up around 4:00am. We would like to thank the owners for having us. It was an interesting experience ,and it's not everyday we get to set up equipment in a warehouse setting. C-Bus Paranormal John

------------------------------------------------------ Evidence : No evidence found