Chesapeake Community Center : July 7th, 2012

Chesapeake Community Center (07.07.12) The C-Bus Paranormal team took a trip down to the southern border of Ohio to investigate the Chesapeake Community Center. This would be a rare public investigation for the team ,and the location itself was to be used as a training ground. We expect to train a few new members before the end of the year ,and the best way to do this is to usually throw them straight into an investigation. On this investigation John and Andrew brought along Daniel Darke to start getting the feel on how to investigate with the team. The Chesapeake Community Center is fairly new to paranormal investigations. There have been reports of a little girl who roams the hallways ,and also a darker presence that lurks in the basement area. Everything from scratches, evps, and knocks have been reported at the location. The center is right in the middle of several mountains ,and directly in front of the Ohio River. The building itself at one point used to be a school ,and it's now in use for a few different community events such as weight lifting and martial arts. We were also informed the location will be on the tv show "My Ghost Story" sometime in the future.

Once we arrived the temperature had hit 110 degrees. It was clear that this was going to be a grueling investigation. The first thing we did was to scout the building and get a feel for the location. We quickly started taking EMF readings through the second floor ,and noticed large consistent spikes on the K2 & Mel Meter. After doing several sweeps we realized that the high EMF fields were being caused by the buildings wiring situation. It appears we were picking up EMF signatures from the lighting ballast on the first floor. This would be the case for several parts of the building. However we did have a couple spikes during our stay that couldn't be traced to a source.

The basement area does have a thicker feel to the atmosphere ,and we felt something was with us in the old locker room section of the school. We decided to run a Franks Box session in the locker room and the boiler room to see if we could get any direct responses. However we didn't seem to be getting any communication through the box this time around. We decided to head upstairs after a evp session and a few test with the laser grid.

Starting at around 12:00am the building was empty. Other investigators had left for the night ,and we had the whole 2nd floor to ourselves. Once we arrived at the 2nd floor we kept hearing the sounds of door knobs ,and tapping on the classroom doors. It seemed that the knocks would always come from the opposite end of the hallway from where we were standing. So we decided to split up into three sections. The activity occurred several times on command. Other groups have also reported this in the past. Personally as an investigator I'm never satisfied with knocking sounds as there could always be other logical explanations. Most of the doors on the floor were locked. So we had no access to see into the rooms ,and the temperature fluctuation through the day could have been the source of the creaking and knocking sounds. As of this time the audio is still under review. So I'm not sure if we caught anything yet. However it was an interesting experience for all of us.

Everyone that was working the event was very professional ,and the location itself was interesting. Overall we had fun and look forward to reviewing the evidence in the upcoming days.

C-Bus Paranormal

John -------------------------------------------------- Evidence for this case is currently being restored.