Browse Awhile Books : July 6th, 2013

Browse Awhile Books : 07.06.13

The C-Bus Paranormal team rarely books more than one case on a weekend due to time restraints, grueling evidence review, and fatigue. However on the first weekend of July we had the privilege of investigating the Bears Mill and Browse Awhile Books on back to back nights. The team knew going into the Browse Awhile Book's case that we would be worn down from the prior nights investigation ,but we also knew it would be worth the risk. Browse Awhile Book's has had several reports of activity over the years ranging from shadow figures, books flying off the shelves, footsteps, doppelgangers, and reported book attachments.

We arrived in Tipp City in the early afternoon ,and made sure to check out the local stores and antique shops. The town was currently under heavy construction ,and the main road was completely blocked off. Walking through Tipp City is like walking back in time ,and it reminded me a lot of Gettysburg in away. The entire town seems to believe they have major spiritual activity ,and the focal point seemed to be directed right at the bookstore. We had a great opportunity to talk to several of the local towns folk ,and was even warned at one point that we "didn't want to go in there". After filming a few video segments ,and raiding the towns local candy store.... we met up with Amanda at Browse Awhile Books ,and she gave us a brief tour of the location. The store has a wide variety of books ,and I had to give them props after seeing a large section devoted to "Conan : The Barbarian" novels. We were then shown a book of possible paranormal photos. Anyone that knows me.... knows how skeptical I'am about photos. As I'm a strong believer in video proof being a lot more concrete. I considered a few of the photos as cases of pareidolia ,but there was one photo of a little boy that really stood out to me as being a bit odd.

We started setting up cameras at around 8:00pm ,and literally covered as much of the store that we possibly could. The home team told us about the reported areas of activity in the store ,and the possible spirits that they have possibly encountered. They were incredibly helpful in showing us around ,and the information they provided would be used to assist us later during the investigation. We knew that there was at least one death reported in the buildings past ,but we would be looking for several on this night. The team was also given a look at the books that were reported to possibly contain attachments.... after I jokingly asked how much an "attached book" cost these days.... we went lights out.

On each investigation we have to try to look for rational explanations ,and at the same time keep a skeptical view on the location. This was our first look at the building ,and we immediately had to ask what the top floor of the building was used for. In this case there are apartments on the top floor ,and we knew there was a possible risk of some audio contamination. Thankfully the building was fairly sound proof from room to room ,and we couldn't notice much bleed through from an audio stand point. The second thing we reviewed for was E.M.F (Electro Magnetic Field). Out of all of the locations we have investigated..... Browse Awhile Books by far has the most extreme amount of E.M.F. running through the building. Once we did a Mel Meter sweep through the building we realized the baseline reading was nearly 15mg which is extremely high. High E.M.F. is believed to cause itching, hallucinations, paranoia, fatigue ,and sometimes worse effects over long periods of exposure. This is something we would have to monitor as the night goes on ,and also consider into the locations reports of activity.

"Telekinesis" is another controversial theory in the paranormal ,and is often tied in with parapsychology. I have been doing a lot of reading on the subject over the last few months ,and also how it could be misinterpreted as poltergeist activity. The reports of books flying off the selves intrigued me ,and I was hoping that we would experience something similar to it on this night. We actually did have an occurrence in the basement that will have to be reviewed multiple times before we can make a conclusion on it ,but that is all I can state about it at this time. I'm skeptical as it seemed to occur to one of the home teams investigators.

Over the course of the investigation it was a pretty quiet night overall ,but at times we would feel like we were being grabbed or pinched in the basement. This might have been a possible effect of the high E.M.F. in the building ,but we had to chalk it down as personal experiences. There were also a lot of camcorder malfunctions that we normally don't have during investigations. We had a few camcorders that kept turning off during the course of the night. So naturally we will be reviewing the video quite heavily on the case. We also did a few scenario exercises with the home team ,and even acted like we were purchasing the attached books to see if we could jolt a reaction.

C-Bus Paranormal John ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside the investigation :


Evidence : No evidence found.


Evidence : Inconclusive It's hard for me to label this location as possibly being active. There were a lot of outside factors that I wasn't particularly happy with. The unknown apartments on the top floor of the building ,and having another unknown team being in the building while we were trying to investigate. I feel like that should have been disclosed before the investigation was scheduled. I was also highly skeptical of some of the stories being presented. (Such as the doppelgangers, etc) The information was borderline ridiculous in some instances. The EMF in the building was ridiculously high and presents some concerns as far as physical effects and possibly fire. I feel that this should be looked at in the future. UPDATE 10.04.21 : The building suffered a fire a few years after our visit in 2016. Quite a bit of the building was damaged in the blaze ... including a lot of the stores book inventory. Thankfully they were able to reopen again in 2017.