Sedamsville Rectory : March 15th & 16th, 2015

Sedamsville Rectory : (03.15.15 & 03.16.15)

Our second case of the new year would prove to be an interesting "throw back" investigation ,and we would be given the distinct privilege of re-investigating one of the first locations our team ever investigated. The Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati, Ohio. There are times that we like to revisit old cases to see how the activity has changed over the course of time ,and we also like to see if we can add to our past experiences. Each location seems to come with it's own personality ,and in some cases we believe that it's possible to build a relationship with a buildings former inhabitants. We went with a two person team on this investigation ,and I would be joined by Jeff Cole. Luckily he was back in town from his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Sedamsville Rectory has been featured on several television programs ,and has a deep and murky history of paranormal claims. It's most well known spirit seems to be of Father Donald Macleod who died rather close to the building ,and had lived in it during the time of his death. Donald was hit by a train while traveling to provide a sermon and comfort to an ill woman in the area. His ghostly image has been seen walking down the street and also in the rectory itself. There have also been reports of malevolent activity within the rectory that has caused several problems during it's renovation efforts. It's not uncommon to hear of visitors reporting that they were scratched, physically touched ,or even threatened during audio review sessions. The rectory also had it's share of animal cruelty in the past ,and was reportedly part of one of the nations largest dog fighting ring bust in recent years. Some investigators have claimed to encounter spirits of animals still with the building.

We first investigated the building in 2012 ,and experienced various activity through the night. We had multiple audio responses, a door was slammed closed while we were in the process of setting up the DVR ,and a something seemed to be slammed or hit after a provoking session on the 2nd floor. Our team at the time was fairly inexperienced ,and wasn't truly equipped to deal with a haunting on the level of Sedamsville Rectory. However it was a great lesson at the time of what to do & what not to do during an investigation. In the spirit of our newly revamped "Investigation Journal"..... I have decided to dig up an old video clip from our original Sedamsville Rectory case that has never been shared on any of our websites. The stunned female voice came from our guest investigator Karen.

The following video takes place after we were able to set up the DVR ,and it was after a door was slammed on us during the set up process. At that point we were clearly disgruntled that the spirit in question seemed to be toying with us ,and did a bit of provoking in attempt to get another strong reaction. Oddly enough it seemed happy to oblige and on queue when we brought up the rumors of the buildings alleged demonic activity. Unfortunately we were unable to track the source of the sound at the time.

This case in particular would have a unique twist in the fact that we would have the building for a solid two days of investigating. That means we could set up all the equipment comfortably and just let it role for several hours. Of course this would mean that we will have an extended evidence review session ,but it would clearly be worth it to see how the building reacts during the daylight and evening hours. We would also be debuting a new piece of equipment during this investigation... The "Ghost Pro" full spectrum action cam. The device functions as a video recorder, trap cam, and can also be set up for motion censored photo taking. It would be tested thoroughly throughout the weekend ,and has already proven to be a unique tool within our arsenal of equipment.

Unlike standard cameras, full-spectrum cameras capture the full range of the light spectrum, including near ultraviolet (UV) light and near infrared (IR) light. According to some theories, ghosts may be visible in IR or UV light only, and full-spectrum cameras therefore increase the odds of spotting paranormal entities. Keep in mind that this is a "theory" often believed in the paranormal community ,and that there is no scientific proof that the device will increase your odds of coming across an entity or anything for that matter. It might sound great from a marketing standpoint , but realistically nobody has proven that ghost truly exist. Let alone that any device can help see them or make them more visible.

Personally.... I love to test these type of gadgets out in the field ,and make my own determination. It's not uncommon for a device to prove that it's completely incompetent in the field ,and be praised as the best paranormal technology ever created on tv. This is always something to keep in mind while searching for the latest paranormal gadgets and gizmos. The following pictures will give an idea on what full spectrum camera images will normally look like.

(Photo : Investigator Jeff Cole. Sitting in complete darkness. )

(Photo : Full Spectrum view of the first floor fire place.)

(Photo : Full Spectrum view of a room on the 2nd floor)

Overall this investigation would prove to be a bit more quiet than our first encounter with the building three years ago. We didn't encounter any type of poltergeist activity this time around ,but we did have plenty of time to investigate and attempt to disprove some of the buildings claims of activity. It wasn't until the 2nd night of our investigation that we encountered our first personal experience. Jeff and I heard a disembodied voice in the basement at around 3:00am ,and we immediately played it back for review. It was a unique moment where we actually could review the recording at the time ,and also make out what was being said without any type of audio enhancement. We would like to thank Tim and Terrie once again for having us out to the Sedamsville Rectory ,and we hope to return at some point in the near future to continue gathering data on the location! C-Bus Paranormal John

(UPDATE : Sadly... it was recently announced that the Sedamsville Rectory will no longer be holding over night investigations. At this time we have no information on what will happen to the property ,but we will be keep a close eye on the building to see if it will eventually be reopened.


Inside look at the investigation :


Weather Conditions :

Barometric Pressure : 30.60

Temperature : Sunday : 54 °F

Monday : 56 °F

Wind Speed : Sunday : 7 m.p.h. Monday : 7 m.p.h.

Moon Phase : Waning Cresent


Paranormal Claims :

- The Sedamsville Rectory is subject to several paranormal claims ,and it's most well known resident is believed to be Father Donald Macleod who was struck by a train near the building in the late 1800's. He left the rectory to provide a sermon and comfort to an ill woman ,and was killed instantly by the impact. Several people have claimed to see his spirit walking down the street since the accident and also within the rectory itself.

- There is also a much darker malevolent entity that is believed to inhabit the building ,and it has wreaked havoc on the buildings owners and volunteer staff. Visitors have also reported encountering scratches, bite marks, physical contact ,and even threatening evps.

- Other common reports include disembodied voices, full bodied apparitions, shadow figures, slamming doors ,and objects moving on their own accord. Owners and investigators commonly report a suitcase that appears to move itself on the 2nd floor.

Observations :

- During both investigations of the Sedamsville Rectory we have noticed quite a bit of outside noise. However the neighborhood itself seems to get very quiet during the evening hours. Cooler weather assisted us on this investigation ,and most of the locals stayed inside their homes. Terri and Tim have kept records from each team that has come through the building ,and it's fairly easy to come up with a checklist of possible explanations for most of the reports. It is always important to be aware of your surroundings ,and realize how it will affect your case. Most of the reports revolve around the sounds of children, dogs, and growls. From our stay we know that the neighborhood children do tend to bleed through the audio at times, the neighbors dogs can also be heard from inside the building ,and there are also growling monster-sized raccoons outside that tend to fight with the cats during the evening hours over food.

- There is also a unbalanced door on the 2nd floor near the street side of the building. Jeff and I were able to replicate door movements by walking near it. The unlevel door gave the illusion that it was closing by itself. It is possible that a few of the door claims can be explained under the right conditions.

Personal Experiences :

- There wasn't very much to report from a personal experience stand point. However we did capture a disembodied voice in the basement at around 3:00 am on our second night. We were then able to play it back during the investigation ,and the voice appeared to be telling us that "there is someone upstairs". The message is rather clear to us as we were spending quite a bit of time upstairs trying to confirm if a former malevolent entity was still within the building.


Evidence :

Our first "evidence" video comes from the disembodied voice we captured in the basement. Upon our review we noticed that the voice didn't pick up on our camcorder. However it was captured onto our digital recorder. This video shows the exact moment that the E.V.P. was obtained ,and our immediate reactions to it. Keep in mind that we heard this voice as it happened ,and that is why we reviewed the digital recorder on the spot. This piece of audio evidence will be cleaned up and enhanced on our second video so that you will be able to hear the audio evidence as clear as possible.

Our second "evidence" video is a collection of our audio evidence obtained at the Sedamsville Rectory. We have changed how we display our E.V.P. videos by playing the straight audio file first ,and then display what we believe the audio is saying afterwords by repeating the clip three separate times. We will also now be providing a brief explanation of each clip here in the investigation journal (see below).

Audio capture # 1 : The first audio capture was on the 2nd floor of the Sedamsville Rectory. During this time I heard a voice behind me and thought it was Jeff. You will be able to hear this reaction at the end of the audio file. However Jeff was in front of me and there was an E.V.P. upon review that we believe is saying "Go home".

Audio capture # 2 : The second audio clip is very light ,and is a lower class of E.V.P. Unfortunately there was some traffic in the background that made the voice a bit harder to hear. We have attempted to clear it up the best we can. However headphones are still recommended. We believe the audio is saying "Leave me alone". Audio capture # 3 : Our team has always tried to minimize extra noise during an investigation in attempt to capture solid audio evidence. However there are times that the sounds of movement cant be avoided. In this clip I'm walking upstairs to change the batteries out of a stationary audio recorder ,and can be heard heading upstairs in the background. During this time the recorder picked up a piece of audio that we believe is saying "Get out".

Audio capture # 4 : This audio clip is from the prior video ,but it's now enhanced straight from the digital recorder. I was obviously able to hear the voice at the time in the basement and reacted accordingly. At this point Jeff and I knew we weren't alone in the building ,and played back our audio from the device to confirm what we heard. The clip itself is a bit harder to make out ,but the closest theory we have on what it's saying is "There is someone upstairs". We believe this is the voice of Father Macleod.

Audio capture # 5 : Our last audio clip is also from the basement ,and takes place immediately after we took a few minutes to listen back on the recorder. We quickly started a new track and started speaking directly to Father Macleod. We once again provided our names ,and was met with a response of "I know who you are".


Conclusion: Possible Haunting

Our team has investigated the Sedamsville Rectory on two occasions within a three year span ,and each time we have came to the same conclusion. The Sedamsville Rectory is likely haunted ,and it's possible that there are multiple entities on the property. Father Macleod seems to still reside within the building ,and has shown signs in the past of being part of an "intelligent haunting". In this scenario it's rather common to get direct responses from the entity during audio sessions ,and there are times it seems to be very aware of it's surroundings.

The team however is still indifferent on the buildings claims of malevolent activity. It is pretty apparent that the darker entity has often caused problems for Tim and Terrie as well as various volunteers. However we have only had a few minor brushes with the possible entity in question. It's common knowledge that there have been several cleansings within the building over the last few years (if you believe in that sort of thing) ,and it's possible that the activity has died down since our first visit in 2012