Cleveland Agora : January 30th, 2015

The Cleveland Agora : 01.30.15

The C-Bus Paranormal team endured several challenges in 2014 ,and it was possibly our busiest year to date. It was a year full of traveling, writing, deadlines, conventions, and membership growth. The team normally takes a few months off during the winter to recharge and spend time with our families. However there are times that rare opportunities present themselves at the most awkward of times ,and we decide to go back into action earlier than expected. The Cleveland Agora case was indeed.... one of those instances. We were asked to join this investigation by our friends in "Ohio Black Sheep Paranormal" ,and would be part of a test group of individuals to conduct a public investigation at the historic Cleveland Agora. This would be rare opportunity to investigate the theater with a limited amount of gear ,and to take a look at some of the paranormal claims that have surrounded the building for several years now. It would be Christopher Oles and myself representing the team on this investigation.

The Agora is a historic Cleveland landmark. It opened it's doors in 1913 as the Metropolitan Theatre ,and started it's life as a movie theater. In 1932 it became known as the "The Gayety" which hosted hoofers, comics and strippers. In 1949 it became the WHK Auditorium which showcased acts such as Elvis and the Beatles. Then in 1985 it once again changed names to the Agora ,and showcased some of the best music acts around. The building was recently purchased by Peabody's which was another music venue that used to be their competition in the area. Ironically the theater has also became a hot spot for paranormal claims ,and the new owners have also been experiencing their own paranormal encounters.

For those of you that don't know my musical background.... This case was very intriguing to me on several levels. I used to play guitar in a traveling death metal band ,and would frequently play the bar scene in Columbus and Cleveland. Peabody's was practically a 2nd home for our band for nearly a decade, and we played with several national acts at the venue. During this time I also had the opportunity to see quite a few bands perform at the Cleveland Agora. I've been aware of the buildings paranormal claims for quite sometime. However it had rarely been opened up to the public or for private investigations due to the buildings constant concert schedule.

(Photo : An early attempt at world domination.)

There are a few claims of activity at the Agora. The most common report is the spirit of a man walking the catwalks and backstage area. He is normally seen in a yellow business suit that has been confused as a yellow raincoat. The other most common report is of doors opening, closing ,and sometimes even locking themselves. Unfortunately some of the backstage area was off limits for this investigation due to renovations ,but we would still have plenty of area to cover which included the main theater, side stage, backstage band rooms, under the stage ,and the main lobby. Ohio Black Sheep Paranormal thankfully provided their DVR which made it possible for us to bring the travel kit in ,and we were able to avoid the hassle of bringing in a lot of unnecessary equipment. We would however have a challenge in investigating with the public. I always enjoy meeting new people interested in the paranormal field ,but it's a challenge to be apart of an investigation with several bodies looking to have their own experiences. Thankfully the public group was fairly small ,and we were able to break apart from the pack rather frequently. This would provide us more time to investigate ,and have less of a chance to have possible audio and video contamination.

During the investigation we didn't have much to report as far as personal experiences go ,but we did enjoy meeting a few individuals that were new to the field. I hope our advice will help them in the search for their own answers. The only way you can make your own determination if ghost are real or not.... is by going out and trying to have your own experiences. We personally believe the building is likely a residual haunt (if it's truly haunted at all). Where the main entity in question is normally seen ,but doesn't seem to interact with the living. Under certain conditions the entity can be seen by the staff and visitors. However there might not be a common reason or method for why or when this happens. I normally joke about these events as being a "glitch" in the matrix. I personally don't believe the entities are aware of when they can be seen ,or have any power in being able to control this. Let alone consciously know that someone is there observing them when it happens. It's hard to be prepared for something that you cant predict or have control over. Which is a primary reason the paranormal field has never been taken seriously by the science community. You cant test something that you cant replicate. Let alone observe on command. The building does provide some unique challenges as it's extremely dark with all of the lights turned off ,and it can be disorienting as your vision tries to adjust to the conditions of the room. The main theater definitely provides a dark carnival effect ,and there were several times we thought that we seen something in the corner of our eyes. However we couldn't detect anything on video or with the thermal imaging equipment. It's also important to know the role of how these type of buildings can effect the acoustic sounds of the environment. These type of music venues are made to showcase music ,and sound normally caries very well within their walls. This feature can also be a challenge for a paranormal investigator. Especially when investigating the building with a small group of people.

We would like to take this time to thank the Cleveland Agora, my old friends and booking agents at Peabody's, and Ohio Black Sheep Paranormal for having us out at this event. We hope that the venue continues to provide these opportunities to the public ,and that more evidence can be documented over time of the buildings paranormal events. The Agora is truly a fun building to explore ,and it was awesome experience overall. Be on the lookout for further public investigations of the building in the near future!

C-Bus Paranormal John


Inside look at the investigation :

Thermal Imaging :

- A thermal imaging device can be a great asset to have on investigations such as this. The theater itself is massive ,and it can be very hard to navigate through in the dark. (Photo : Left side of the theater.)

- The thermal imager will allow you to see heat and cold sources in the area. Some investigators believe that some spirit activity can cause fluctuations in environmental temperatures. These fluctuations are normally called "cold spots" or "hot spots". However it's important to remember this belief is only a theory ,and you will need to experiment with these ideas before coming to your own conclusions.

(Photo : Right side of the theater.)

- This image shows how a human body will appear on a thermal imager. This photo was taken in absolute darkness ,and gives the user the ability to see exactly what is around them at all times. This can help in a variety of ways. Such as helping to detect animals (raccoons etc) or other living creatures that could cause havoc to your attempts of collecting evidence. It's uses will often vary on a case by case bases. Depending on the location and it's conditions.

(Photo : Our guest for the evening.)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weather Conditions :

Barometric Pressure : 30.45

Temperature : 14°F (Outside) / 60°F (Inside)

Wind Speed : 7 MPH

Moon Phase : Waxing Gibbous

Paranormal Claims :

- The venues staff and visitors have claimed to see the spirit of a man in a yellow business suit. This has been reported by the buildings previous and current owners. He is most frequently seen on the catwalk and in the backstage area. There have also been reports of shadow figures within the building as well. Normally reported in the theater and backstage areas. - The staff have also reported doors opening, closing, and at times locking by their own accord.

Observations :

- The main theater provides a dark and disorienting effect. There were several times that investigators thought they seen something in the corner of their eye. However nothing could be detected on the camcorders or thermal imaging devices.

- The building has been used as a opera house and music venue. Sound can carry incredibly well within the building. Investigators will need to be aware of their surroundings during investigations.

Personal Experiences :

- The team did encounter a few random EMF spikes in the basement that couldn't be traced back to a source at the time. However the case was pretty quiet from a personal experience standpoint.


Evidence :

- No evidence found.


Conclusion: Inconclusive

- The Cleveland Agora is an interesting case with both past and present owners claiming to have experienced various phenomenon. It's important to remember that. The activity described seems to fit a residual haunting scenario that doesn't happen on command and is rarely seen. This also makes capturing evidence a challenge for investigators ,and we feel that more data will need to be obtained before were able to confirm/ disprove a haunting within the building. The Cleveland Agora case file will remain open at this time ,and is a case we're open to revisiting in the future.