Hill View Manor : December 21st, 2013

Hill View Manor : 12.21.13

On December 21st, 2013 the C-Bus Paranormal team traveled to New Castle, Pennsylvania to investigate one of the states most active locations "Hill View Manor". The structure itself has been featured on countless paranormal television shows , and has developed a reputation for being extremely active. The common reports for the location include full body apparitions, disembodied voices, footsteps ,and the occasional moving of objects. The building itself was originally called the Lawrence County Home ,and was a poor farm for the counties mentally ill, severely destitute, and elderly residents that didn’t have any known family. The home officially opened it's doors on October 19th, 1926. During it's years in operation the building changed into more of a skilled nursing center ,and was renamed to "Hill View Manor" in 1977. The location was also drastically becoming known for it's overcrowding issues ,and was officially closed due to financial restraints in 2004. It doesn't take long to immerse yourself in Hill View Manors history ,and we we're actually shocked about the amount of confirmed deaths the location had within the building. Several of Hill View Manors past residents still reside in the cemetery behind the building ,and the cemetery itself has also had its share of controversy in the past. In the mid 1900's they used to stack the bodies from three to four bodies in a plot at a time. This became a problem when arms and limbs started to pop out of the ground after storms ,and it immediately changed the counties view on how to conduct proper burials. The buildings caretaker guided us through the massive labyrinth of hallways during the opening tour ,and was able to describe several of the patients that are believed to haunt the building. Oddly enough there were four rooms that basically serve as mini shrines to the buildings past residents. Some of the objects were dolls, bracelets, toys, baseball cards, batteries, name it.. We filmed a brief video documenting each of them ,and it's been placed below within the "inside the investigation" section of our blog.

(This is a photo of several unmarked mass graves at the back of Hill View Manor.)

The night we choose to investigate was a "public night". However there was hardly any noise contamination due the buildings immense size ,and the fact that we booked their slowest night of the year also was a pleasant surprise. There were literally four people in the entire building which gave everyone plenty of room to conduct their own research. It was a good introduction to the building ,and we were able to meet some very interesting investigators. Including Dwayne Pintoff whom is oddly enough also a Sasquatch hunter. Every group has their own techniques/ methods about how they investigate ,and after time you will develop a blueprint of what normally works to help stir up activity for your group. We respect other investigators and their techniques ,but at the sometime we wanted to distance ourselves to perform a few of our own experiments. We did however enjoy meeting the residential investigators ,and the conversations/discussions between groups. Our team started to notice a drastic drop in paranormal activity heading into the new year ,and we're still trying to figure out the reasoning for why it's happening. The last few investigations have been quiet ..... eerily quiet ,and we we're hoping to turn things back around at Hill View Manor. We did have one strange experience on the third floor where it sounded like a hospital curtain was being moved. It only happened three times ,and the last two happened on our request. It seemed to get louder throughout the last few minutes that it occurred ,and even caught us off guard at one point with how loud it was. The area itself is known for loud bangs ,and objects being moved/ thrown. We spent quite a bit of time up on the third level afterword to try to find a rational explanation for the noise ,but we couldn't account for anything being moved. We also didn't hear the sound again throughout the course of the investigation. See the evidence and experiences section below. Overall the building was pretty calm for the rest of the night until a windstorm started rolling through in the early morning hours. We would like to thank everyone involved at Hill View Manor as it was truly a fun location to explore (and get lost in) ,and hopefully we will be back that way in the near future for a follow up visit! C-Bus Paranormal John


Inside the investigation :

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weather Conditions :

Temperature : 50°F

Wind Speed : 7 MPH

Paranormal Claims :

- The common reports for the location include full body apparitions, shadow figures, disembodied voices, footsteps ,and the occasional movement of objects.

Observations :

- There appears to be an abnormal amount of "trigger objects" scattered around the location. Investigators will often leave these items for the spirits their attempting to communication with. Some believe that these items may help them in their attempts to communicate with the spirits. - The building also houses a large storage area of forgotten belongings that were once owned by the buildings past residents. It's possible that some of the artifacts left behind might have their own attachments to the reported spirit activity.

Personal Experiences :

- Our investigators picked up on what they believe to be possible curtain movement on the 3rd floor of the building. There have been prior reports of loud bangs on the near by radiators ,and various movement phenomena in the area over the years. - We were able to obtain a few minor EVP's from the location as well. Our findings can be heard below.


Evidence and Experiences :

Audio : (Evp's / Noises)

Experiences :


Conclusion: Possible Haunting After carefully reviewing the evidence files....

We do believe there is something to the buildings paranormal claims. The sounds we captured on the 3rd floor remain inconclusive. However it's important to remember that this type of activity is frequently reported in the same area. The building would require further investigation to gather additional data on the possible phenomenon. We were also able to pick up two minor EVP's. These pieces of audio help back up past claims from the owners and other investigators that have gathered audio data from their experiences within the building.