Sachs Bridge : April 4th, 2013

Sachs Bridge : 04.04.13

The C-Bus Paranormal team has been involved with several high profile cases over the years , and I personally have nothing but fond memories of our investigations in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Our team had previously spent several months preparing for our trip ,and we had three investigation sites on our schedule for the weekend. It would be our goal to cover as much ground as possible on these investigations ,and thankfully we had a few team members that had visited the town prior. This would help with our overall navigation of the area ,and even at the historic battlefield itself. I remember packing all of our gear with Andrew the night before our investigation ,and then having difficulty sleeping throughout the night. We both eventually woke up at around 5:00am ,and set out for Gettysburg at the break of morning. The trip in it's entirety would take us nearly seven hours ,and I remember blasting "Iced Earths - Gettysburg" saga to set the mood on the long journey. We both knew this wouldn't be a normal set of investigations for us , and our adrenaline was likely at an all time high. It's not everyday that you get to step foot on historic hallowed ground. Let alone investigate on it. Investigators Jeff Cole and Julie Tankovich were also en route to Gettysburg ,and would be joining us on separate nights. Oddly enough there have been several C-Bus Paranormal road stories over the years .... and most of our out of state stories involve Andrew getting us lost in various states. We were once lost at the border of four separate states. This time would be no different as we briefly took a detour to Maryland. However we did eventually find our way to the historic town of Gettysburg. We parked the rental car uptown ,and quickly started taking pictures and video of the near by sites. Gettysburg itself is a rather odd town ,and they have made a large amount revenue off of their ghost tours and attractions. There is a limitless amount of "alleged" haunted locations ,and we were determined to see all that we could. However we knew that we wouldn't be able to investigate all of this towns rumored haunted locations on one visit.

(Hanging out with Abe Lincoln.)

Jeff Cole would eventually join us in town ,and we decided to check into our "luxury" cabin at the local camp ground. Needless to say the cabin wasn't exactly as we envisioned. (Especially for the price). However we would make due with our limited space for the first few nights of our stay. We had a few hours left until sunset ,and wanted to visit the first location on our schedule. Sachs Bridge.

Sachs Bridge (aka Sauches Covered Bridge) is a covered bridge that is located over Marsh Creek between Cumberland and Freedom Townships. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The bridge itself was believed to have been built around 1854 ,and was used by the Union and Confederate armies during the battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Most of the bridges paranormal claims seem to revolve around the story of three confederate spies being hung in the rafters of the bridge. The confederate army also used this bridge after their defeat while retreating out of the town. It's also important to note that the bridge was also used as a field hospital. So there isn't a way of truly knowing how many deaths actually occurred at the site. The first version of the bridge was actually destroyed in 1996 due to a flood ,but was rebuilt / restored at the same location (with the original wood) and rededicated in 1997.

Reports of the bridge being haunted can be traced back to well over a century. This usually means that we have the perfect storm for a unique historic location to investigate. The paranormal claims at Sachs Bridge include disembodied voices, evps, feelings of being touched, and full bodied apparitions. Most online reports of activity also usually include odd photos or rods appearing in various photographs. Sadly most of the evidence found online can be highly unconvincing ,and it usually revolves around individuals not knowing the limitations of their equipment. The images include bugs, moisture, and even lens flare in some cases. There is even a video of a person claiming that one of the spirits is smoking a cigarette at the bridge ,and another person that claimed to smell General Lee smoking his cigars (how they came to this conclusion.... I don't know) .... you truly cant make this stuff up.

I would personally recommend visiting the bridge during the day. it's open to the public and you don't have to pay a ghost tour to visit it. It's an important piece of history. So please treat it as such. Sadly there have been numerous reports of vandalism at the bridge over the years ,but overall it's still a nice place to visit. If you get the chance to visit Sachs Bridge.... take a moment to reflect on it's history ,and look at the location with an open mind. You never know what you might see or experience. We spent quite a bit of time running audio and video at the bridge. However we weren't able to gather any evidence on this visit. Thankfully we had plenty of time to ourselves to conduct a proper investigation. The bridge itself is historically significant ,and played an important part in the Battle Of Gettysburg. However there isn't a way to know if the story revolving the confederate spies actually happened. Which makes it an unconfirmed legend. These type of "stories" usually make a good selling point for the local ghost tours. Regardless if there is an actual shred of truth to it. It's extremely likely that there were deaths on and around the bridge. However it's anyone's guess on what actually occurred there.After the investigation at Sachs Bridge we drove through the Gettysburg Battlefield to get an idea / strategy of where we wanted to set up for the following days investigation....


Inside look at the investigation :


Weather Conditions :

Temperature : 46°F

Wind Speed : 1 MPH

Moon Phase : Waning Crescent

Paranormal Claims :

- Past visitors and investigators have reported various paranormal phenomenon at Sachs Bridge. It's not uncommon to hear reports of disembodied voices, Evp's, feelings of being touched, or seeing full bodied apparitions at the location. - Several people have claimed to have recovered photo evidence during their visits to the bridge. The photos gathered online usually include orbs, smoke, rods, etc.

- Most of the activity and reports seems to stem from a story / legend of three Confederate spies / or deserters that were believed to have been hung from the rafters of the bridge. The bridge was also used as a field hospital during the Civil War ,and it's possible that there might be more spirits lingering around the area.

Observations :

- The bridge is often used as a paid "public" investigation location at night. Public investigations are often troublesome in trying to collect evidence. This is normally due to the events hosts trying to fit as many people as they can into the location. Most of the individuals are normally inexperienced ,and it often presents many challenges in attempting to collect data. Often times the audio and video from the event is contaminated and should ideally be thrown out. - We would recommend visiting Sachs Bridge during the day ,and in Gettysburg's off season if possible. That way you can take as much time as you need to yourself , you wont need to pay to investigate it ,and you will have less of a chance of encountering other visitors. The bridge is open to the public. Please be respectful of other individuals ,and the amazing history around you. Sadly the bridge has already seen a tremendous amount of vandalism.

- It's important to note that nearly every one of the photos reported online can be thrown out as evidence. Often times the individuals or investigators are unaware of the limitations of the equipment their using. This can lead to photo problems involving the flash, insects, or even the weather. It's important to study your gear as much as possible before an investigation ,and to thoroughly review each scenario of your photo captures before presenting them as evidence.

Personal Experiences :

- The team didn't have any personal experiences during our visit.


Evidence :

- No evidence found.


Conclusion : Inconclusive - Our team wasn't able to obtain any evidence during our stay at Sachs Bridge. However we would be interested in coming back to investigate it again in the future. I personally love historic locations. Regardless if it's haunted or not. Sachs Bridge still intrigues me on several levels ,and I believe there could be something to the stories and theories. The old bridge has been a hotbed of paranormal reports for over a century ,and it's legend doesn't appear to be slowing down....