Painesville (Home Investigation) : January 19th, 2013

Painesville (Home Investigation) : 01.19.13

On January 19th, 2013 the C-Bus Paranormal team conducted a rare private residential investigation in Painesville, Ohio. Our team would normally be taking time off at this time of year ,but we received an email from a client requesting our assistance. This case would prove to be a bit of a challenge due to the homes murky history. The house itself is believed to have been built prior to 1890 ,but the local auditor paper work reflected a later date. The current owners were able to pull some history on the prior family that built the home ,and have also found several antique items on the premises. Items of note include shoes, vintage bottles ,a cat skeleton ,and various other objects in the homes walls and crawlspace over the past few years.

It was a rather long drive to get to Painesville, but I was able to meet up with Jeff Cole and Julie Tankovich at the residence around 6:00 pm. The client proceeded to give us a walk through of the house ,and shared several stories about their personal experiences within the home. The current residents have lived on the property for nearly ten years, and have claimed to have experienced object manipulation, voices, being touched, doors being closed, footsteps, and oddly enough.... a ghost cat. We asked the owner a series of questions pertaining to the homes history ,and then proceeded to have her sign our waiver paperwork. The team started setting up the DVR around 8:00 pm ,and we would be spending several hours in the home in our attempt to document the alleged paranormal claims.

Residential cases can prove to be rather difficult ,and we encourage home owners to stay with us during the investigation. This assures them that their home is safe ,and also allows them to witness our investigation process and methods. Over the years we have heard of several horror stories of inexperienced investigators going into private clients homes and wreaking havoc. This includes teams telling clients they have "demons", providing other teams with sensitive client information , and we have even heard reports of a local team that was accused of robbing a client in Mentor, Ohio. Unfortunately the popular paranormal television shows have a wide range of influence on some individuals ,and several new investigators jump into home investigations long before they should be attempting to do so. We encourage our prospective clients to complete extensive research on several different paranormal teams before inviting one into your home. The paranormal field doesn't come with regulations ,and in turn that allows anyone to claim their an investigator. Including those with ill intentions. All teams are not created equal.

The investigation started out fairly quiet ,and we didn't have any personal experiences going into the early morning hours. However we did notice that a large wind storm had moved into the area during this time. The team accompanied the client into the basement at around 1:00 am to see if we could possibly stir up some activity. Shortly after her son arrived back at the residence, and also joined us in the basement. A few minutes later we started to hear a loud banging noise that seemed to be coming from the upstairs area. it sounded like a door was slammed ,or that something was possibly moving directly above us. We immediately came up stairs to see if we could tell what object had possibly been moved. We reviewed the DVR footage and noticed that the hallway door near the clients bedroom (2nd floor) had opened and closed itself during this time. Our first viewing of the video feed didn't provide us any audio to review or sync up with the DVR footage. We immediately went up to the second floor to try to disprove what had just happened. At the time we were looking for a direct answer on how the door could open and close itself ,and couldn't come up with an explanation at that time. It seemed to take a considerable amount of force to get the door to actually latch from an opened position. However it could be done. The client and fellow team members were excited at the prospect of what this DVR footage could represent ,but we also knew that the footage would need to be extensively reviewed before we could come to a final decision. I had personally never seen an event such as this ,and I started having my own doubts as I dived into our extensive amount of audio and video footage of that night. it was during this time that I realized what had actually happened. I reviewed the DVR footage several times ,and noticed something remarkably odd. The upstairs door moved for the first time at the exact moment the clients son came home and walked through the door. This was more than a coincidence as he walked through the front door ,and immediately headed down to the basement. I personally believe that the force from the winds outside (when he opened the front door) helped open the door from an idle / slightly latched position ,and in turn also helped create a vacuum effect that started moving the door forwards and backwards. The moving door in question is located by a side bedroom ,and is also directly a few feet from the houses entrance to the attic. It's not uncommon for the attic of older homes to allow quite a bit of air circulation ,and if wouldn't have taken much force for the door to start moving on it's own. Eventually a strong wind gust would not only move the door ,but it would be powerful enough to eventually bring it back to a fully latched position.

(This is a photo of the door in question. Notice the door openings on the left and right side of it of the stairway. One of which is the attic door. It's important to note these stairs also lead down to the main entrance of the house. )

Eventually I was able to compare our video and audio files ,and I was able to sync up the footage in one conclusive video. It was clear that the force of the wind gust outside had picked up every time the door started it's swinging motion. Eventually the force was so strong that it allowed the door to finally slam back into it's fully latched position. After seeing and hearing this full event on review.... I was able to determine that this unique event was not paranormal in nature. My fellow teammates and the client weren't as accepting of these facts at the time ,but they did seem to understand why I had to come to this conclusion. There were just to many variables going against the possibility of this event being related to spirit activity. Its our job to try to find reasonable causes of activity being experienced in a home ,and a majority of the time there are rational explanations for some of the events that we encounter. Most of the paranormal investigation groups in this field realize the importance of disproving questionable evidence and claims ,and we cant conclude that the home is active after reviewing this scenario several times.

Unfortunately we were unable to find any evidence of a haunting during this investigation. However it doesn't mean that there isn't a possibility of the home being haunted. Paranormal events don't happen on command ,and we cant always be there when something occurs. We would truly like to thank the family for having us in their historic home ,and we hope that they will continue to reach out to us if further assistance is needed. It's not uncommon for teams to need multiple investigations to make their final determination ,and it's always important to keep an open mind from case to case. This case file will remain as "inconclusive" at this time ,but we will always be open to revisiting it if the time should come. C-Bus Paranormal John


Inside the investigation :

The footage above will show you exactly what we experienced. The video will play through the first time without audio. The second time will contain audio to show the effect of the wind on the door movements.

The video above shows the team attempting to disprove what happened to the door. The audio has been cut in the interest of privacy of our clients.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Weather Conditions :

Temperature : 42°F (Average)

Wind Speed : 36 MPH

Paranormal Claims :

- The current residents have claimed to have experienced object manipulation, voices, being touched, doors being closed, footsteps, and the possible presence of a ghost cat.

Observations :

- The structure of the house might be causing a few of the experiences the client has been having. We were able to determine that the layout of the house ,and the right weather conditions can cause unique natural events to happen. - The homeowner has a cat on the premises. Animals can often times run into or move doors. We were able to witness this occur on the DVR once when their feline came up from the basement. The cat not only moved the door ,but knocked down a towel that was presently hanging on it.

Personal Experiences :

- There were no personal experiences to report on this case.


Evidence :

No evidence found.


Conclusion : Inconclusive This investigation provided the team with several valuable lessons. Things are not always as they seem ,and there are always new challenges to learn from. Paranormal investigators must always challenge their findings. It's up to you to determine if you have possible evidence ,or if there is possibly a natural / reasonable explanation for the experiences you have from case to case. Take your time in deciding this ,and trust your equipment to help guide you to your answer. While we enjoy having clients at their residences during private investigations... It's also important to try to explain everything that you can to them in the time provided. Sometime they will be accepting in your findings ,and other times they will disagree. This is just part of the process. You have to keep in mind that the client will have concerns about their experiences ,and it's important to cautiously give them your thoughts. Even an event like this can put them on edge ,or make them even more nervous about their home. Hopefully you can use the data found to help ease their worries. Our team personally didn't experience anything at the residence while we were there ,but that doesn't mean there isn't some form of haunting occurring. However at this time the case must remain inconclusive. The status of this case might be updated if further evidence can be presented or found from this location in the future.