Ohio State Reformatory : December 21st, 2012

The Ohio State Reformatory : 12.21.12

Our team was provided with a rare opportunity at the end 2012. We were offered a chance to investigate the Ohio State Reformatory during the Mayan's "end of the world" prophecy date. Obviously the world didn't end ,and nobody truly expected it to. However this was the first time this location had ever been opened for "extreme ghost hunting" ,and we would be battling low temperatures, snow, and ice for our over night investigation. These conditions would also affect us inside the building as we would only have limited heat in the "bullpen" area. This would be a public investigation. However there would be less people than normal due to the weather ,and this would aid us in greatly reducing possible audio contamination within the building. We have had several ties to the building over the years ,and it was ironically the first building we ever investigated back in 2011.

One of our former team members (Ryan) had the privilege of being there while both "Ghost Adventures" and "Taps" investigated the building for their tv shows. The prison should also look familiar for its roles in the movies "Shawshank Redemption", "Air Force One", and several others.

We arrived at the building in the early afternoon to get a few pictures from the outside of the structure before the sun went down. It was rather odd seeing the prison lit up with Christmas lights ,but it was still an amazing sight to see. We have previously heard reports that the building normally becomes super charged with paranormal activity at the conclusion of their annual Halloween event. During this annual event the building is rented out ,and several actors are hired to scare people with costumes, loud noises, etc. There have been several reports of actors being pushed ,and attacked during their time in the building. It does seem that the spirits could possibly find this event insulting or as a nuisance to their normal environment. Therefore making them more combative than normal. We had previously formed a game plan for this investigation ,and it would require us to venture into areas of the prison that we hadn't investigated previously. On this night the team would consist of Ryan Baumgartner, Jeff Cole, Andrew Aycock ,and myself. One of my first paranormal experiences happened at the Ohio State Reformatory in August of 2011. On this night Ryan and I believe we were being followed by a spirit for nearly 50 minutes. We were followed from of the dark side of solitary confinement to the 3rd or 4th level of the West Cell Block. The entity seemed to be very persistent in wanting our attention ,and we kept picking up the words "hey" and "help" on our audio from the investigation. Oddly enough we have heard this same tone and voice appear in other teams evidence they have posted online. We personally believe this is a intelligent entity that is still trapped within the prison walls. We might not know who this entity is ,but we have an idea whom the entity could be. There was a prison guard named Frank Hanger that was beaten to death in the same area due to a botched prison escape. Tonight the teams main goal was to try to communicate with this spirit again ,and we had planned a few new experiments to attempt to draw it out. During the night we roamed the entire building with several new pieces of gear. On this investigation we debuted live audio monitoring ,and we also ran thermal imagining up and down the cell blocks. The team investigated the entire sub basement ,and also ventured into the attic for the first time. We also spent extensive time in solitary confinement where the prison guard was murdered ,and started playing back some of the EVP's that we had captured from our first investigation there. We were hoping this would coax the spirit back out ,and let him know that we did in fact hear him after all. Ryan and I even took some time alone in the area to see if we could get a response. We both seemed to feel a sense of dread ,but it wasn't the same vibe we encountered on our first investigation. Unfortunately the building remained quite for the first part of the night. We were able to find one audible EVP response of "help me" from the area upon further evidence review. (see the evidence section below)

Most of the activity reported this night occurred in the East Cell block. There were reports of shadow figures and scratches coming from the area. One of them was reported by Andrew on his face ,and another guest within the building had them occur on her arm. We completed a sweep of the area ,and took some time to talk to "Lockhart" in the infamous cell 13. Lockhart was a prisoner whom is believed to have committed suicide by setting himself of fire with paint thinner. His family didn't want the body ,and they ended up burying him outback in the prison graveyard (off limits to investigators) with only his prisoner number for identification.

As we approached the end of the night we decided to head to the infirmary for one last visit. During this time I was running the thermal imager and our real time audio device when I was suddenly hit with a burning sensation in my left eye. At first I thought it might have just been something that got in my eye ,but the feeling kept getting warmer. A few of the crew members had a look ,and noticed that my eye was starting to get darker and was appearing to swell. As the next few minutes passed it was pretty clear that I was starting to develop a black eye. I wont rule the event out as a possible attack ,but it was rather strange to say the least. Personally I've never had an encounter where I've been scratched or harmed ,but I have seen others affected by similar events. This was a first time occurrence for me, and is something that I haven't experienced since. Photos of the aftermath can be seen in our "evidence and experiences" section listed below. We packed up the gear and started heading out of the building around 5:00am. With a fresh new blanket of snow and ice on the ground. The rest of our investigation was pretty calm ,and we didn't experience anything further from an activity stand point. We were able to gather a few EVP's from the night (heard below) ,and a few of our own personal experiences. It seems there is always some sort of activity going on within the prison ,and it's always an adventure every time we have the ability to go. It was a unique experience to investigate the building again ,and the staff was amazing as always. We hope to investigate the Ohio State Reformatory again soon ,and recommend the building to anyone with a true interest in the paranormal field. C-Bus Paranormal John


Inside the investigation :

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weather Conditions :

Temperature : 34°F (High)

Wind Speed : 25 MPH Snow depth : 1.20 Inches

Paranormal Claims :

- The Ohio State Reformatory has amassed a rather significant amount of paranormal data and claims over it's years of operation. Shadow figures and full bodied apparitions are frequently encountered. It's not uncommon for visitors to report disembodied voices and EVP's from the location. There have also been reports of physical attacks on visitors and volunteers.

Observations :

- The structure of the building can only be described as extremely sound and solid. It has been well preserved despite a large part of the building still being partially exposed to the elements. We did encounter a few parts of the prison that were iced over during our investigation. - Outside noise can be heard through the building. It's not uncommon to hear a near by train or cars in the area. However the building is far enough off the road that there really isn't much concern of outside audio interference.

Personal Experiences :

- We had an investigator that believed he was scratched on the face and another that left with a possible black eye. Our team has never considered "physical attacks" as evidence. However we do notate these rare events when they have been reported as personal experiences. It's presently unknown if these events are possibly paranormal in nature or if there is another possible explanation. It's also important to note that this building has developed a history of this type of phenomenon occurring.

Photos of these experiences were never made public until now (4 years after the investigation). However they were mentioned on our Facebook and the previous blog entry.


Evidence and Experiences :

Audio :

Experiences :

The photos above show the black eye that I received during our investigation of the Ohio State Reformatory. It started to form shortly after I felt a burning sensation over my left eye in the East Cell Block.

The photo above shows a thermal imaging view of Andrew's face after he believed he was scratched in the same area. The mark can be seen coming down from his forehead ,and down the side of his face.


Conclusion: Haunted

It shouldn't come as a surprise that we have placed the Ohio State Reformatory within our beliefs of being "haunted". The building consistently makes believers out of former skeptics on a frequent basis ,and it has developed a rather ominous track record over the years. We we're once again able to record various audio phenomenon related to the location. I personally believe this helps to back up other investigators data from previous investigations. Including our own.

While the physical activity remains inconclusive... it's still important to document it. It's not uncommon to hear reports of scratches and other physical phenomenon at this location. This is a subject than will require further data collection and knowledge into the field itself as it hopefully advances in the future.