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Ghostly Encounters! 

July 10th, 2022


For the first time since 2016.... Jeff Cole and Johnathon Robson will BOTH be appearing in the same place to sign copies of "Ghostly Encounters : Confessions Of A Paranormal Investigator"!

This will happen August 13th, 2022 at the West Virginia Penitentiary Para-Con!

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Episode 1 of the C-Bus Paranormal Paracast debuts! 

January 24th, 2022


The C-Bus Paranormal team returns after a complicated five-year hiatus.  On this episode Johnathon Robson briefly discusses how he got into the paranormal field, and the various types of hauntings that paranormal teams typically come across during an investigation.

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Ten Years of C-Bus Paranormal

October 13th, 2021


Today marks the ten year anniversary of when we created the team and first appeared on social media. I've been spending a considerable amount of time looking back at our old case files this week , and it's been an interesting journey to say the least.

From our first investigation of the Ohio State Reformatory, to catching our first shadow figure at Poasttown Elementary School, to releasing our first book/ audio book, saving and running a historical haunted location, and even correcting decades of misinformation and false legends. It's been a wild ride.


The new year will bring a new beginning to the team. New investigations ,new content, and our first podcast (currently in pre-production). I'm incredibly proud of how far the team has progressed over the years ,and I'm looking forward to the journey that lies ahead.

I would like to take this time thank our supporters, past investigators, readers ,and clients. We truly appreciate the support. I know this platform (Facebook) has changed a lot over the last ten years ,and it no longer lets most of you see all of our post. We will be working to spread our online presence in the upcoming year. Please feel free to visit our official website, like us on Twitter or Instagram, or subscribe to our Youtube for the latest updates and content.


We're just getting started....

C-Bus Paranormal



cbustvblue.jpg returns from the grave! 

October 1st, 2021


It has been nearly five years since the original C-Bus Paranormal team seemingly disappeared from the paranormal community ... However there has recently been  signs of "unexplained" strange phenomena and residual internet activity. 

Follow the C-Bus Paranormal team on social media to monitor these recent paranormal occurrences.... and to investigate what this means going into the new year! 

Note :  The new is currently under construction.   Stay tuned for updates and new content!